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Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 23:42:41 +0100
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Munich show was as large as ever. To my regret less sellers from Morocco
offered meteorites. Exceptional NWA chondrite individuals were
underrepresented. Several sellers including Mohamed Sbai and Ismaily had the
New "Mali" meteorites on their tables. Heavily brecciated material. The fall
has produced a small number of kg sized excetionally regamaglypted stones
that were a pleasure to hold and study. Also the large number of different
carbonaceous meteorites from NWA must be mentioned. Beside NWA 3118 I
noticed at least two other in larger quantities.

Among the few recent falls there seems to be a growing confusion among the
Mahgreb sellers. Labels have obviously been accidentally misplaced and
meteorites ended up in the wrong boxes. I can only repeat to encourage
people to take but the geatest care in the assignment of the sample and its

Hans Koser displayed a fine selection of Carancas fragments on his table of
which the large specimen were priced 50 EUR/gm.

Bruno and Carine offered an extended portfolio of old European and Russian
rarities. A 22gm Mighei individual with a single broken surface and a
charcoal black crust stood out.

Jim Strope and Mike Farmer backed up the table of the Karls with their
impressive Portfolio of historic irons, some of them with rare German museum
provenance. Thomas Grau did not have a table but kept a box of some of his
La Mancha finds at hand. Another selection of superb irons, among them a
number of exceptional Hexaedrites could be examined at Andi Gren's table.

I found the two Volumes of "Northwards over the Great Ice" by Lt. Robert
Edwin Peary in the 1898 London edition. Including the complete story of the
Saviksue discovery. Gentlemen, if you own a piece of Cape York you should
get a copy.

Many more players and friends to be mentioned, but I am sure others will
fill in. That goes for photos too as I did not cover the event.

No to something completely different:

Anyone who likes to crown his sunday by acquiring some cosmic debris may
take a look at some current auctions. Among them a superior 34g
Millbillillie Individual and a fine regmaglypted Sikhote iron.


Thanks for your interest

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