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Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 14:07:45 +0100
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Thank you, Svend - interesting and helpful post!


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> As Greg has already pointed out on the list earlier the Chergach/Erg Chech
> or "Mali" material as it has been dubbed by sellers can be clearly
> distinguished from e.g. Benguerir, Amgala, Bensour and Bassikounou by
> comparing broken or cut surfaces.
> "Mali" has a dark ash grey color with meandering unevenly distributed
> blueish areas that often enclose dark grey patches, "Mali" is brecciated
> and
> diplays clasts full of very small but distinct chondrules. "Mali" shows no
> black shock veining as for example in Bassikounou. Unless the Bassikounou
> fall did not drop a second hitherto unknown lithology these two are
> clearly
> separate events. I will later post some comparison pictures on my website.
> With completely crusted individuals separation is difficult. The genuine
> "Mali" material I have seen however did not show any soil staining and was
> completely lacking the red laterite dust that can be found on many of the
> Bassikounou specimens. Differention by the grade of wheathering is not
> possible. Both falls are to recent for that.
> As to your question, I have the impression that the new material can
> safely
> be ordered from several resellers in Morocco. Upon request I can recommend
> a
> number uf reliable sources in Morocco to you.
> All my Chergach ("Mali") material I have purchased directly from Morocco
> was
> genuine material from a different event then the ones mentioned above. In
> Munich I purchased a 125gm oriented fragment among some genuine "Mali"
> stones and that particular specimen by close inspection turned out to be a
> Bassikounou. The same seller also offered me a another piece as "Mali"
> that
> I had already described in the Bassikounou catalog and that could clearly
> be
> recognized by its bright red impact marks.
> On the other hand this same seller had a number of splendid regmaglypted
> individuals in the kg range on his table that could easily and without
> doubt
> be recognized as from the Chergach strewfield by examining the broken
> surfaces.
> The cause of the confusion in my opinion has to do with the complete lack
> of
> confirmed intelligence on the "Mali" event. The makeshift name "Mali"
> already indicates the misery that neither an exact date nor exact
> coordinates were available for this fall in the beginning when the
> distribution started. The information provided by A. Habibi that the
> distribution ellipse is located near Chergach in the Erg Chech did not yet
> make it to most of the sellers offering the new material in Munich. At
> least
> on request they could not tell you anything about the origin of their
> "Mali"
> material.
> I'll post any emerging insights on this on my page and I encourage
> everyone
> to share their knowledge as well, as it would be a great loss if the
> background of this beautiful meteorite remains a mystery.
> Svend
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> >> Among the few recent falls there seems to be a growing confusion among
> >> the
> >> Mahgreb sellers. Labels have obviously been accidentally misplaced and
> >> meteorites ended up in the wrong boxes. I can only repeat to encourage
> >> people to take but the geatest care in the assignment of the sample and
> >> its documentation.
> >
> > Svend, you address "the few recent falls" here, so does your argument
> also
> > apply to that new Mali meteorite at the moment, or is this new one under
> > good control and can be clearly distinguished from all the others right
> > now at the so-called marketplace...??
> >
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