[meteorite-list] Meteorite Crater in Puno, Peru to be a Tourist Attraction

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Meteorite Crater in Puno, Peru to be a Tourist Attraction
Living in Peru
November 6, 2007

(LIP-ir) -- Hernan Fuentes, the regional president of Puno, Peru
announced that Thursday or Friday a project to conserve the crater left
by the meteorite that landed in Carancas on September 15 would begin.

Fuentes told Andina News Agency that the regional government had
designed a project with several stages in which the crater would be
preserved and turned into a tourist attraction. The first stage is to
take approximately 30 days and will focus on preserving the crater itself.

It was reported that the first stage would include the deviation of a
nearby river channel and roofing the area directly above the crater as
well as the construction of a concrete wall. All of this has been
planned to be completed before the rainy season begins.

Rain has already begun to fall throughout different parts of the region
but Fuentes assured that an increase in rainfall would be seen during
December and January.

The first stage of the conservation project, which was reported to
require a 23 thousand sole investment, is to be supervised by Peru's
Geophysics Institute (IGP), the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical
Institute (INGEMMET) and scientists that have come to Peru from abroad.

Despite the fact that the second stage of the project has not been
completely established, Puno's regional president stated that it would
include the construction of roads that would make reaching the crater
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