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Hello Svend,

NASA used the 1 inch cube in the Lunar Receiving Lab for photographic
reference of all Apollo lunar samples. At the time, it was referred to as a
'Scale Block.' I believe this is the only time the 1 inch cube was employed
anywhere in the world. In the LRL, centimeters would be referenced on the
specimen 'counter' only.

Here is a photo of the 1 inch cube in the LRL circa 1970:


The 1 inch cube was fabricated in a machine shop next to the LRL prior to
Apollo 11. Later, the vertical tick mark would be added. I believe they were
designed by the gentlemen who designed all of the LRL tools (I have his name
here somewhere).

It is unclear at what point the CM cubes were first employed, but I believe
it was around 1975-1977 when ANSMET began collecting meteorites from

I believe the 1 inch LRL cubes are the first cubes ever produced.

Thanks for the question!

Mike Bandli

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On November 7, 2007 Mike wrote:

>From left to right: Buhl 1cm Cube, Unknown 1cm Cube, NASA 'Scale Block' 1
inch Cube, Drake 1 inch Certified Cube, Drake 1cm Cube, Drake 1cm

Dear Mike,
when or where did NASA use a 1 inch cube? I am quite sure all their
meteorite documentation use the metric sytem with 1 cm cubes.
Just curious.


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