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Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 00:38:13 +0100
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Hello List
Long time there was nothing new to show. Finaly when I got some new
specimens, I also received after 6 months of waiting classifications for
really good material that You will love. Belive me :)

Tooday I finished work with "normall" meteorites and I have updated my page.
>From tomorrow I must start working on all NWA material I got classified.
There are hundreds of slices to prepare, put in boxes, print labels and make
thousand of photos.
Its really worth to wait for this samples.

So for now please enjoy photos of new specimens I have for sale at

>From new NWA material on my page I have small TKW eucrite that I show here
on march or april becouse I was not sure if this is shocked LL6 or eucrite
becouse of high ammount of iron.
Another one is my little L3.5 that I have purchased on my first visit in
Morocco in 2004. After losing one thin section and type specimen in german
lab, I finaly got classification from Ted Bunch. This little meteorite was
long distance runner :) but he fortunatelly reach destination.

Have fun

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