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"This incident, along with previous NEOCP postings of the WMAP spacecraft,
highlights the deplorable state of availability of positional information on
distant artificial objects (whether in earth orbit or in solar orbit). The
Distant Artificial Satellites Observations (DASO) page on the MPC website

...A.U. Tomatic

Hi Listees,

I just extracted this from the web page Chris kindly provided with the
"awakening" :-) Good material for a sci-horror thriller....

Looks like 1 AU Tomatic is the fall guy signing off. I don't think the ESA
will bother to register Rosetta on their Space Junk webpage.... If there
wasn't a sense of humor before, there certainly is one now. Statistically,
one needs to strongly question whether someone knew what what happening and
just wanted to see if they could pull it off. Seeing a spacecraft traveling
12 km/s still six and a half days away on a near collision course with Earth
and not raising a scandal of what if's knowing it's size conveniently ...
even if you knew exactly where to look this is all pretty incredible. It
almost deserves a designation for that alone ... found it right where it was
supposed to be at around the 20th magnitude or so? Can anyone locate the
honorable Dr. AU Tomatic ? I 'm not getting my hopes up about how well "we"
can detect these objects....it still smells like a prank to me.

Keep Looking Up,

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> And the awakening:
> http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/mpec/K07/K07V70.html
> Chris
> At 19:35 09/11/2007, mexicodoug wrote:
>>Someone has a sense of humour, especially the flying couch comment !
>>So, will closest approach be 20:57, 21:04, 21:13 UT, or undetermined, and
>>who will get the view? I think Rosetta won't be rising until 21:15 where
>>I'm at in southern North America, and at close approach will be moving at
>>around 3 degrees (6 full moons) per minute. That is a little
>>challenging.....especially if the spacecraft is not oriented to reflect
>>much back.
>>Thanks kindly,
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>>>Yep. It's the Rosetta spacecraft making its planned gravity assist
>>>fly-by of the Earth.
>>>Jay Tate
>>>The Spaceguard Centre
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>>>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Did a Collision Cause Comet
>>>>Hi List:
>>>>I am trying this again since my previouys forward did not appear to go
>>>>On November 13, this newly-discovered asteroid (only about 20 meters
>>>>diameter) will pass within 2 Earth radii of the CENTER of the Earth
>>>>is close). It will be 9th magnitude (about 50-100 times too faint to see
>>>>with the naked eye), but show be observable with a small telescope (if
>>>>is night where you are when it comes by and you know were to look).
>>>>Go to the cfa.harvard site for coordiantes, etc. I can interpret columns
>>>>if you are interested.
>>>>I am sure there will be more about this in the coming days.
>>>>Begin forwarded message:
>>>>>From: Alan W Harris <awharris at spacescience.org>
>>>>>Date: November 8, 2007 5:15:19 PM MST
>>>>>To: "Peter Birtwhistle" <peter at birtwhi.demon.co.uk>
>>>>>Cc: mpml at yahoogroups.com
>>>>>Subject: Re: {MPML} 2007 VN84 incoming
>>>>>2007 VN84 is significant in that it not only comes closer, it is much
>>>>>bigger, around 20 m in diameter, compared to 2004 FU162 only about
>>>>>1/3 that
>>>>>size. Based on our recent population estimates, we expect an object
>>>>>size of 2004 FU162 to pass within a couple Earth radii about once a
>>>>>and to actually impact (actually, blow up in the upper atmosphere)
>>>>>once in five years, so the only thing unusual about 2004 FU162 is
>>>>>that we
>>>>>saw it as it passed by. 2007 VN84, on the other hand, is so large
>>>>>that we
>>>>>expect omething that big to come as close as 2 radii only about
>>>>>once in 20
>>>>>years, so it is a remarkable event in itself, in addition to the
>>>>>fact that
>>>>>it was discovered and can be watched flying by. Congratulations to
>>>>>Kowalski and the Catalina Sky Survey.
>>>>>P.S. I second his request and interest for a lightcurve, but it
>>>>>will be a
>>>>>real challeng on account of its rate of motion. Plenty bright
>>>>>enough, but
>>>>>really truckin'.
>>>>>At 03:57 PM 11/8/2007, Peter Birtwhistle wrote:
>>>>> >Take a look at MPEC 2007-V69 just announced...
>>>>> >
>>>>> >http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/mpec/K07/K07V69.html
>>>>> >
>>>>> >"The minimum distance from the geocenter is 0.000081 AU (1.89 Earth
>>>>> >radii) on Nov 13.844 UT"
>>>>> >
>>>>> >just beating the previous record close approach of 2004 FU162, but
>>>>> >this time we have 5 days lead time.
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Peter
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