[meteorite-list] Rocks From Space Picture of the Day - November 14, 2007

From: bernd.pauli at paulinet.de <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: 14 Nov 2007 16:55:29 UT
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Jerry writes:

"Mark and List is that an artifact near the midline in the lower
 1/4 or is that a "perfectly" circular armoured condrule?"


Hello Jerry, Mark and List,

NWA 4522 is not only very chondrule-rich with lots of sometimes very colorful
medium- and large-sized chondrules (among them several so-called "bull's eye
chondrules," officially called "bleached chondrules" like the one Jerry is inquiring
about) but it is also a truly awesome breccia with some slices displaying large, creamy
yellow clasts of seemingly lower petrologic grade (5 or 6). Other slices show gunmetal
blue clasts that look mottled and suspiciously like LL6 or even LL6-7 inclusions and
still others show cm-sized dark, featureless inclusions - almost CK-like with tiny
"nuggets" of troilite.

Well, when NWA 4522 was offered by Carsten some time ago, I was unable to decide
which slice I should take so I purchased four of them and can now enjoy all these
features simultaneously :-)

Best wishes,

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