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Dear List,
  My new webpage is up. On my website go to the
Japanese Falls/Finds page to see the falls/ finds/
hammers and details if you are interested. Those of
you that have Hammer information on your websites
might want to look so that you can update your
webpages. If you wish to link to my website please
let me know.

  Japan has 54 named meteorites to date; known falls
????(44) and finds ????(10) including: 10 Irons, 1
Pallasite, 2 Carbonaceous Chondrites (CM2, CK4), 1 E
Chondrite and 39 Ordinary Chondrites.
 Japan has at least 11 HAMMERS (a meteorite that hit
either a manmade object, human, or animal) to date.
 Japan`s earliest known fall, Nogata was in 861 and
the most recent, Hiroshima, was in 2003.

  Thank you. Best Always, Dirk Ross...Tokyo

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