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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 12:25:58 +0100
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Hi E.P.

My apologies for the chose of my words, I should have said it more gently.

Ok I took your book again in my hands and have to apologie again, ,you did
not mention all the humps you have pictured in the book are central uplifts.

I just misinterpret the pictures, after I stopped reading the book and took
a look at what graphics are used in the book.

But I stay by the comment the book is not worth a penny. You make a lot of
statements in the beginning of your book ,witch are pure speculation and do
not tell the reader that's just you own interpretation.

One example:
Chapter 2
Site 22
1 Million Years ago The Zhamanshine impact
Site 23
Homo Heidelbergensis split in two

The Zhamanshin impactor had hit right in the middle of homo
heidelbergensis's Eurasian range, and it split the species into two widely
separated groups which would now evolve along widely diveragent paths.

Ok, Zhamanshinite impact is dated with 0.9 +/- 0.1 MA
Heidelbergensis ,the oldest found is dated with 0.6-0.5 MA

So please explain how your theory can be true and please let me know where
you mentioned it's just your theory.

After this unscientific kind of writing a book, I dared you also a central
uplift mania , for all the pictuered humps in you book. my mistake.


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Hi Andi, all -

I'm sorry you're disappointed with my book, but
Andi, what the hell are you trying to say "sides",
"central uplifts"?

I can't recall any "central uplift" in my book. And
certainly nothing is terms of identified impact

Berndt, do you know what he is talking about? Can you
translate this for me.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

Like you?

Publishing a book with no input,
In Tucson this year you sold me your book, even singed
by you.
After 30 sides I had to put it by side, because of
your stupid conclusions about some knolls, all of them
central uplifts , eh?

Go tom Europe, you will find thousands of "your
central uplifts" , indeed a miracle of history, but no
miracles to your central uplift theory.

Most funny was a site in my/your book, where you
mentioned you have found a central uplift in the
middle of an old cemetery. Yes, even in US the people
liked and like to build a big mound when a loved
family member passed away.

I suggest you first took your stupid book from the
marked before you tell others to do.

I will of course send you my payment address where you
are able to pay the refund for this much to expensive
toilette paper.

 Oh, for the ones not informed, I'm talking about the
Man and impact in the Americas.

AD!!! I have to sell nine tenth of it , but I'm sure
you wouldn't like it, after I had done some useful
things to this trash, like....ok enough


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