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From: steve arnold <stevenarnold60120_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 05:10:31 -0800 (PST)
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Good morning list.I woke up this morning and I had 10
emails from this list.The only one that had any
mention of meteorites was Jim stropes ad for his ebay
auctions.Religion,man and his impacts,telling people
they are stupid,all non meteorites.Religion is a very
private matter and has nothing to do about this
list.Like Jason utas said,in a way,ART is like god to
us.He runs this list and at his whim he can make
people disappear.We really need to stop all this non
meteorite stuff.If someone wants to promote a book,do
it somewhere else.Not on a list that is meant for
meteorites.I enjoy reading about the great posts when
they are about our great Hobie.I really wish we could
only talk about meteorites and related items.I leave
religion for Sundays and other times of the year when
need be.I guess we can only preach about this so
much.Many times it has been done,but it just seems to
keep going on and on and on.Our greatest meteorite
show is just around the corner,TUCSON,and I am looking
to hear more about what is coming up.Like who is
coming,what will be there,what the auctions are
doing,etc.And I am sure after seeing great pics of
Munich,that everyone there had a great time and some
of you will be in Tucson and will like meteorites to
be the main and only topic.Not religion.Lets please
get stay on the yellow brick road and keep this great
forum to what art put it together
for.METEORITES!Everyone loves to promote what ever it
is they like to promote.Let s promote what we love
here.Stones from space.There is a time and place for
everything.Here and here only,it is meteorites.When
you only have 1 post pertaining to meteorites,and the
rest are B. S.,there is a time that something has to
be done.This will be the only post I will make on
this.I seem to remember making a few more like it in
the past.Just seeing all this endless crap everyday
just brings me down.Have a great day all.


Steve R.Arnold,chicago,Ill,Usa!!
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