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I found these blades to be real junk and found absolutely no advantage to using them especially for the higher price. Irons always seem to be best cut with a band saw by an experienced technician.
Why cut a Nantan? You are asking for trouble....that sucker will likely rust in front of your eyes!!
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Cutting meteorites with CBN blade

Dear List:

Does anyone have any experience with cutting irons
with a Cubic Boron Nitride blade?

I purchased a 10-inch Pro-Slicer (10 x 0.012) CBN
blade from Lapidary Discounts in California and used
it to cut a 2 1/2 inch Nantan. It worked very well
for the first 10 cuts, then, very quuckly, started to
bind up indicating that the CBN was gone from the
blade. For the cost I expected to get much longer
life from it.

Any opinions on what kind of a life one can expect
from such a blade. Altogether I cut about 22 linear
inches before the blade was useless.

I think I followed good cutting practices, using pella
oil for lubrication, and feeding at a rate of about 1
inch every 5 minutes (0.2 inch per minute).
Motor speed was 1750 rpm.

Any ideas?


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