[meteorite-list] AL HAGGOUNIA 001 ("NOT" AUBRITE)

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 23:12:56 EST
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Hi List, I am not qualified to take sides in this debate (It never works
out well for me) but I have made some observations on the meteorite in question.

I have about 100Kg of the stuff. I bought it before any one knew how much
was really out there (bad call). I cut a rather large amount and sent some
unusual oddities such as huge apparent chondrules to ASU to add to the
observations while it was still being debated.

I am not trained to classify but my hobby is meteorite micrographs. I have
spent hours cutting, polishing and examining this material, both the brown
phase and the blue. I know it comes from the same place but it seems to me
there are structural differences such as chondrule abundance and grain size
between the blue and brown phases.

Is it possible this meteorite was a breccia before it was fossilized? Could
 there actually be two materials?

Don't take me wrong, this is just a question and I am not trying to claim
any special insight.

I have some cool micrographs of NWA 2965 EL3 on my Gallery hosted by
Meteorite Times.


Tom Phillips

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