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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:30:51 -0800
Message-ID: <C541CE7B.1BED0%mlblood_at_cox.net>

Greetings all,
        While I am looking foreword to seeing everyone in Tucson
I must admit that with the combination of increased overhead
and a HUGE lack of response to requests for entries in the auction,
it is entirely possible this will be the final Tucson Meteorite Auction.
Perhaps it has run its course. Personally, I hope not. While it is
A LOT of work, it is, at least for me, a LOT of fun - and it has
Always seemed to be a lot of fun for all who attend.
        Deadline for minimum commission entries is in two days
And I have 7 entries (usually, by this time I have 70 or 80). I
Have to sell about $25K worth of specimens just to brake even,
so, this is looking dismal as the sponsor of the event. It is always
Possible tons of entries will come in at graduated fee rates as
The event grows nearer and nearer, but that has never been the
Case in the past. At least 75% of the items tend to be "in" and
"up" in the on line catalog by now.
        Now, this will still make for an exciting auction, as there
Will undoubtedly be at least a few more entries and, most important
To the bidders, there will be plenty of room to allow for all the
late entries, many of which I have turned down in the past and
most of which turn out to be large whole Stones & Irons with
no minimum - so, buyers will have a field day.
      Also, Jerry Armstrong's lecture should be very meaningful - so
Much so that I am hoping to have him audio tape it for me so I
Don't miss it, myself. So, while THIS auction will go on, it is
Looking like it will be a large financial loss which I can take only
Once. If so, then, of course, this will be the 10th and the final.
Not to worry if you are a buyer, as you will have a ball, no doubt:
Jerry's lecture, Twink's Gold Bason Birthday Cake, food and
Open bar with a hundred or more meteorite buddies tends to
Make for a great time.
        I suppose it is entirely possible people are going to flood me
With entries of high quality with no minimums over the next few
Weeks or so, but I am not holding my breath. On the other hand,
People seeing how few entries there are may realize their piece(s)
Will be in higher demand, so, feel more inclined to enter specimens.
        Those that are thinking of submitting can still get the lowest
Possible fee by submitting a list of the entries in the next 48 hrs
Even if they have yet to take digital photos - I will extend the
Deadline for photos on a person by person basis.
        Please submit high quality pieces only, as $10 and $20 items
Are not going to keep the doors open. If you enter 10 or 20 items,
some at the low end are fine, of course.
        I hope I am wrong and have a flood of work over the next
Couple of weeks.
        Best wishes, Michael

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