[meteorite-list] Full size micrograph offer NWA 969 LL7

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Date: 02 Oct 2008 19:59:48 UT
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Tom wrote:

"I want to share a beautiful meteorite micrograph that seems to have
 everything, color, clarity and interest. It is taken of NWA 969 LL7.
 Please email me for a full size attachment of this image. This one
 is worth checking out!"

Hi Tom and List,


The pictures I've taken of my thin section fully support Tom's description
of the NWA 969 (LL6/7*). It is very colorful: the pyroxenes and olivines
come along in all shades of blue, purplish red, brown, orange, yellow, gray,
and olive(-green) when viewed in cross-polarized light.


Usually I have to enhance the clarity of the JPEGs a little with the help
of my Adobe Photo Shop computer program but in this case I had to reduce
both the brightness and the contrast of the pictures.

*According to the correction in the MetBull and I agree with this correction
because my TS actually shows a relict barred olivine chondrule that has been
torn to pieces by some process but is still recognizable and it must have been
pretty large!


Tom, I would surely love to see your micrograph, especially
if it shows those infamous "trains of f l u i d inclusions".

Remember the nickname the Hup?s gave this meteorite?
They dubbed it the "meteorite with bottled water".

Best wishes,


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