[meteorite-list] Fw: Bolide to enter over northern Sudan in lessthan 8 hours

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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 12:42:00 -0700
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Remarkable indeed! I had no idea this was going to occur, so many thanks for
the post. Let the discussion begin! I wonder what NASA and other
institutions are doing to take advantage of this important event. More info
would be appreciated!


Mike Bandli

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Hi, All!

Rob Matson asked to forward this to the list
as he apparently cannot post it. A remarkable
event, well... Read it.

A shame it's not hitting some area more
hospitable to searches!

Sterling K. Webb
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Subject: Bolide to enter over northern Sudan in <8 hours

Hi All,

A large bolide is going to enter over northern Sudan in less
than 8 hours -- the first case of an asteroid being discovered
that has a 100% chance of hitting the earth -- well, hitting
its atmosphere, anyway:


The Minor Planet Center claims that it won't survive atmospheric
passage, which is true if they mean as a single body. But I
calculate the size to be at least 3 meters, possibly as much
as 4.5 meters, so I'd be quite surprised if no meteorites
were produced.

It will be nighttime in Europe and Africa when 2008 TC3 enters,
so hopefully someone will get some good video! --Rob

Sterling & Doug: I'm sending this to the two of you since I don't
think this will make it through to Meteorite Central. If one of
you could please forward for me, I'd be much obliged. :-)

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