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Hello Sterling and Rob,
I found it quickly on an Atlas. That diary gave a big clue: Wadi Halfa, on
the Nile, the entry point from Egypt into Sudan, and one day drive further:
Station Six. about 150km by road and 100km (60 miles) in straight line south of
the border.
The fireball might have been visible from Aswan.
Anne Black
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Hi, All,

Another forward from Rob Matson earlier
this evening, with a predicted impact point.

Sterling K. Webb
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Hi Sterling,

Something else you can pass along to the met list. Based on the
latest telescope observations, I compute a geometrical impact
point near 20.6N, 33.06E. The shallow approach is from
azimuth 280, so the meteorites will fall tens of kilometers
west-northwest of that location. The nearest point of
civilization to the likely meteorite fall location is the tiny
village of "Station Six" -- basically a railway stop and home
to 10 villagers according to this web diary:


Has Mike Farmer packed his bags? ;-) I only partly jest. If he
needs a little extra incentive, consider this: the minimum orbital
intersection distance (MOID) for this space rock with Mars is less
than a million miles. In other words, could "Station Six" be the name
of the next Mars meteorite? --Rob

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