[meteorite-list] AD: Special 6 historic AUBRITES: Bustee, Pesyanoe, Shallowater....WINNONAITES: Fortuna & Tierra Blanca and an Efremovka

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Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 19:39:56 +0200
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Dear list-members,

our today's Special deals with names, which need no explanations and which
let the collector's mouth water!
We say: Bustee, Shallowater, Mayo Bewla, Khor Temiki, Pena Blanca Springs,
Pensyanoe! We say: Fortuna and Tierra Blanca, and we say: Efremovka.

For those, getting fluttered by these names, Here's already the beef:

Aubrites are an exotic and important type, seen the number of individual
finds&falls they are by far more rare than rocks from Moon or Mars.
A dozen finds from Antartica, one non-desert find and additionally Mount
Egerton, which changes its habit every few decades from mesosiderite to
aubrite forth and back, and funny and remarkable enough - 8 observed falls!

However the hot deserts so far were flinty and spat out only one, maybe two
true aubrites.
(we had it here in the discussion about El Haggouina, reclassified as an EL
- the Bulletins still have to be revised, also regarding the numbers in the
wake of El Hagg).

And that's all.
Most of us do own a specimen of the big piece of luck, the mighty Norton
County as aubritic reference in our collection, certainly a Pena Blanca
Springs too, but beyond these locales, the air becomes quickly thinner.
Cumberland Falls is still relatively readily available and here and there
Bishopville - but then?

Then the collector sometimes has to wait for years to find specimens of the
other falls, which are affordable or which are available at all.

In that respect our Special is certainly remarkable, cause today we offer 6
out of the 10 classic and historical Aubrites!

Here the data:

Uttar Pradesh, India
Fall 1852, December 2
Tkw 1.5kg
(has a little crust!)

Ash Sharqiyah, Sudan
Fall 1932, April 8
Tkw 3.2kg

Kurgan, Russia
Fall 1933, October 2
Tkw 3.39kg
(also a little crust)

Texas, USA
Find 1936
Tkw 4.65kg

Texas, USA
Fall 1946, August 2
Tkw 70kg

Adamawa, Nigeria
Fall 1974, August 3
Tkw 4.85kg
(thin slice)

And as if that wouldn't be enough - in one go, two no less scarce

Winonaites are even rare than Aubrites!
19 numbers and names lists the Bulletin Database (pairings not deducted).
In fact they all together count in with a mere 3.5kg plus the famous stone
of Winona of 24kgs.
Here now two of the other 4 Winonaites with names!

Texas, USA
Find 1965
Tkw 0.86kg

San Luis, Argentina
Find 1998
Tkw 0.312kg

Let us perfect the Special for today with a specimen of the famous
Efremovka, from the reduced subgroup of the CVs, known for its Dark
Inclusions and recently refined to a CV3.4-3.6

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
Find 1962
Tkw 21kg


There. I think with our offer we found a very attractive balance between a
meaningful size and an affordable price (feel free to compare, you'll be
astonished) - so that also the smaller collectors are able to participate in
these much sought-after important meteorites and rare types.

Economically seen a more speck-tral vending would be indicated, seen the
enormous results of the recent months for such rare names.
But we prefer to let them as they are.


Martin & Stefan

Chladni's Heirs
Munich - Berlin
Fine Meteorites for Science & Collectors

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