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Hi all,
        You can read a review of Kevin's report (mentioned below)
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on 10/12/08 7:52 PM, Kevin Kichinka at marsrox at gmail.com wrote:

> There's a thread today concerning meteorite prices, the economy and
> the present meteorite market.
> In September I offered here my "Global Meteorite Price Report - 2008".
> I've sold quite a few, they've gone out to people in twenty-seven
> different countries, and many were to collectors who purchased the
> first report in February, 2007. I assume that means that they found
> the report useful or they wouldn't have purchased it again.
> A few dealers have also purchased and/or re-purchased the report, and
> these are people who I consider to be very serious about selling
> meteorites. They probably would prefer that you DON'T KNOW the price
> of meteorites. As for the rest of those dealing mets, if you don't
> know what the competition is asking for a meteorite, there's a good
> chance you are too high (and losing sales), or to low (and losing
> money.) Realistically, few dealers have the time to keep up with the
> price trend of every rock in their inventory. I offer here that
> service.
> Quite frankly, the meteorite market is so confused, and always has
> been, endless opportunities exist for collectors to locate and
> purchase bargain material of all kinds. In the process of compiling
> and creating this report, I located historic falls, Mars and rare
> lithologies that were grossly under priced. Wouldn't you want to know
> about this?
> I trade stocks these days, and I need all the information I can
> harvest. In equities and bonds, there are endless sources. For today's
> meteorite prices, I humbly assert that I am your only qualified,
> unbiased, experienced source. No one else is doing what I have done,
> and it is a massive project sold inexpensively to benefit all.
> Additionally, ten percent goes toward my charitable donation to
> astronomers in La Paz, Bolivia.
> Here's the advertisement I submitted a couple of weeks ago. "The
> Global Meteorite Price Report - 2008" might be the best $11 you spend
> this month. - K
> ******************************************************************************
> ****************************************************************************
> Dear List Members:
> Every year since 1995 I have prepared a report to estimate the value
> of each meteorite in my collection. This is done by painstakingly
> visiting every legitimate dealer website. The results of these surveys
> have become a true "snapshot" of each year's market prices.
> Last year, I realized that this type of information might interest
> other collectors and dealers. After adding value by identifying and
> interpreting price trends, I shared the data by selling it
> inexpensively on the Internet. The 2007 "Global Meteorite Price
> Report" was limited to the eight-five meteorites within my collection,
> but was instantly popular and the feedback I received was very
> supportive.
> This year, to better serve the meteorite community I have expanded the
> report to include many other popular meteorites beyond those held in
> my personal collection. There are now 121 different meteorites (plus a
> few of their permutations). I would have included more, but at least
> one hundred historic or well-known meteorites that were on my search
> list are not currently being offered for sale ? rare birds indeed.
> This fourteen-page document contains three years worth of price data,
> July, 2005, February, 2007 and September, 2008, so that price trends
> among the meteorites you own can be identified. Actually, I do it for
> you.
> My methodology is explained, and following the price list comparisons,
> there is my "State of the Market Report" with "Market News", "Impact
> of Dealer Competition", "Individual Meteorites of Note" and I
> introduce a new concept to meteorites called "Tiered Pricing."
> Breaking up the prose are many color photos of meteorites and related
> items never or rarely seen before and select meteorite microscopy
> works by the vanguard in this field, Tom Phillips.
> But there's more. Did you ever wonder if you shared first names with a
> meteorite? As a fun addition, I have included a two-page list of
> meteorite names compiled from Monica Grady's latest version of "The
> Catalogue of Meteorites" that are also "people names". Anyone named
> Mike in the audience? You have a meteorite.
> Anyone owning my book (see www.theartofcollectingmeteorites.com) that
> enjoys my writing style will want this report. Anyone trying to
> understand the effects of the world's slowing economy on their
> collection's value will want this report. Any dealer wondering how his
> prices stack up against the competition will want this report.
> The price is $11 payable on PAYPAL by visiting MARSROX at gmail.com
> The lucky eleventh dollar will be used to enhance my charitable
> donation of astronomy books to the Planetarium Dr. Max Schreier in La
> Paz, Bolivia, in support of their large meteorite collection donated
> by Blaine Reed.
> Upon receipt of your funds, "The Global Meteorite Price Report" - 2008
> and the "Meteorite/People Names" will be transmitted within 24 hours
> in an email as attached Adobe pdf docs. They're highly "printer
> friendly" and you will want to keep them among your meteorite files.
> I look forward to sharing this information. You will enjoy the
> journey. Thank you.
> Kevin Kichinka
> MARSROX at gmail.com
> www.theartofcollectingmeteorites.com
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