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Fireball sighting over Monterey-Salinas, it even got a police report
and an investigation of the 'crash' sight!

Also, if you're in a joking mood, the article ends on a humorous note.
It currently reads:
Don?t miss the Earth?s passing through "Uranus meteor shower" "in three

I guess the newspaper doesn't know Uranus from Orion's elbow. Uranus
is currently visiting with Aquarius. Aquarius is such a California
constellation, too. *sigh*.

The Californian press might have found "Uranus" homonymic with the
Orionids, which will LAST for three weeks and peaks early next week.
They can be seen radiating from an area a third of the way from
Betelgeuse, the Hunter's big red giant armpit to the twin Gemini stars,
Castor and Pollux. Tuesday(21) and Wednesday(22) wee hours between
between 12:01 am and 1:00 am or whenever is just before Moonrise at the
observer's location will be ok, though probably nothing to write home
about since the best hours (the 'weeer' and 'weeest' hours) are washed
out. Still it?s worth catching an occasional nice glimpse of a speedy
fireball from Halley's Comet if you missed the watered down main show
in '86.

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