[meteorite-list] Meteorite sales falling with the stock market?

From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 19:34:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Martin and list Members,

Thank you for the interesting insight. Martin commented that collectors were concerned by what impact NWA 5000 may have on Lunaite prices and that they might be somewhat hesitant about lunar purchases because of the weight.

We anticipated this ahead of time and have been working with different audiences other than the standard collector market. Most of what has been sold has gone directly into institutions who agree this is the most fantastic lunar meteorite ever found. The 9,610 gram main mass will find a new home in a world class facility this December where it will be formerly announced to the world. We have not chased any press whatsoever on NWA 5000 and will leave this task to the future owners. I will provide details where it can be seen as soon as the paperwork has been finalized.

The only complete slice which weighs 575 grams has been on tour in Houston Texas, Washington State, New York and is now on its way back to Houston. It has earned the moniker the "Ambassador Slice" since it will be booked to several locations world-wide. It has never failed to draw crowds every time it has been displayed.

Add in 572 grams of cutting loss, the 40 plus gram type specimen and the pieces which have already been placed and there should be enough to satisfy the collector market without depressing the price of other lunars. This means that dealers shouldn't panic too much about NWA 5000 flooding the market. I would be more worried about how gorgeous this material is rather than its weight. A watch company and prestigious jewelry maker whom recognize the incredible contrast are already deciding how to best utilize this material. If it meets their standards, they may take the rest.

I am not stating this to create a sales rush but to provide perspective buyers with real information so that they can make an informed decision whether it be NWA 5000 or some other lunar meteorite.

Best Regards,


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