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Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 19:11:04 -0400
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I was puzzled, too...

If it is a joke, let me continue it with; Think of the great meteorite specimens you could buy if you just ate cat food!

Ar ar ar!



> Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 16:07:22 -0700
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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] A dealer with a heart.
> I am not sure what to think about that email.
> Is it a joke, or are you serious?
> Michael Farmer
> --- On Sat, 10/25/08, Jerry A. Wallace wrote:
>> From: Jerry A. Wallace
>> Subject: [meteorite-list] A dealer with a heart.
>> To: "MeteoriteCentral"
>> Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008, 2:33 PM
>> Dear Meteorite Flavored Folks,
>> I write this as a testimonial to one of the most caring and
>> esteemed
>> dealers in our
>> meteorite community.
>> Here is a lady whose heart is as generous and grand as the
>> great state
>> of Colorado,
>> where she resides. She has a heart filled with caring and
>> compassion for
>> her customers,
>> as well as her fellow man. She is a rarity in these times
>> of economic
>> uncertainty and
>> personal financial concerns. She is one who gives without
>> being asked.
>> My wife Kathy and I made a major (for us) purchase from
>> this fine lady some
>> months back. I briefly mentioned that we would be on a diet
>> of bologna and
>> stale, dry bread for many months to come in order to afford
>> the rare
>> specimen
>> that we were purchasing.
>> Then, as luck would have it, Dr. Ehlmann released yet
>> another fine and
>> precious
>> specimen from that most wondrous of collections of Texas
>> meteorites, the
>> Monnig
>> Collection.
>> Having learned my lesson several years back about rare
>> specimens not lasting
>> long on the open market, I (with Kathy's gracious
>> permission and in
>> collusion)
>> decided to bite the bullet and acquire that next expensive
>> rarity for
>> our Texas
>> collection.
>> Again, I mentioned to our favorite dealer that we would
>> probably have to
>> go on
>> "half rations" of our bologna and dry bread diet
>> in order to survive our
>> decision
>> to keep our Texas Collection as our foremost consideration.
>> (The kids
>> starved
>> years ago early in our collection process. Still feel bad
>> about that,
>> but we must let
>> bygones be bygones. Water under the bridge, as it were.)
>> Imagine our surprise when the specimen arrived and in the
>> box were not only
>> the rare meteorite and its documentation but also a huge
>> stack of
>> current food
>> coupons. Now we can have cheese and mayonnaise on our
>> bologna sandwiches.
>> And there were coupons for burritos, for Pillsbury dinner
>> rolls, for
>> Pillsbury frozen
>> cookies, for Red Baron French Bread Paninis, for Chef
>> Boyardee ravioli and
>> beefaroni as well as a variety of "Forkables",
>> coupons for juices,
>> potpies, and
>> Ball Park Franks. And the list could go on and on.
>> We'll eat like kings
>> and queens
>> this winter and have our meteorites, too. What more could
>> poor folks ask?
>> Now I ask you, is there a finer, more generous meteorite
>> dealer on this
>> planet, or
>> any other planet that we know about? I think not. Without
>> mentioning
>> specific names,
>> can you even in your wildest dreams imagine a Farmer, a
>> Blood, or a
>> Cottingham
>> helping to feed their hungry customers in these dire times?
>> (I lied
>> about not mentioning
>> names.) Again, not damned likely.
>> And so, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I nominate Ms.
>> Anne Black
>> as the most
>> humane and thoughtful of existing Meteorite Dealers. I ask
>> that the
>> powers that be
>> (Mr. Bostick, et al, if memory serves) initiate and produce
>> an award to
>> be presented
>> at the Tucson Auction/ Awards Ceremony this coming year for
>> "The Most
>> Generous
>> and Caring Meteorite Dealer Known to Mankind".
>> Best regards to all,
>> Jerry Wallace
>> Odessa, Texas
>> P.S. to Mr. Mike Farmer... Please read and understand the
>> above letter
>> in the spirit
>> in which it was written, an attempt at humor, and don't
>> get all warped
>> out of shape
>> just because I mentioned your name. You, Mr. Blood and Mr.
>> Cottingham
>> are all
>> fine dealers deserving of recognition as well. I have been
>> a customer of
>> all of you
>> over the years but none of you have ever helped feed me
>> when I made
>> extravagant
>> purchases from you. Thanks, jw.
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