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From: John Gwilliam <jkg2_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 10:16:08 -0700
Message-ID: <20081026171611.GVQQ6175.fed1rmmtao101.cox.net_at_fed1rmimpo01.cox.net>

If you check back in the List Archives, you will find that there have
been several people who have problems sending and/or receiving mail
to/from the Met List.
Several weeks ago, I noticed that mail from the List was getting
sporadic. Sometimes, I wouldn't receive mail for two or three days
only to have it all show up several days later. Many emails that I
posted to the List showed up in the Archives but I never received a
copy in my Inbox. Bob Holmes and I found that we both had the same
issues. After comparing notes, we discovered that the latest episode
of no mail received happened to both of us on the same day at the
same hour. Since we've been friends for many years, we knew that we
were both customers of the server giant COX.net. Both of us made
several phone calls to our server but got no results. Bob signed up
with an email account supplied by a friends website and I signed up a
gmail account as suggested by Art. We both now receive Met List
posting regularly and on time. My old COX account will now
sporadically send me mail for the list, but it is all marked spam.

The only conclusion we could come to was that the problem originated
with COX and not with Art's server. I know in the past that many of
you who were with Comcast and Aol has the same frustrating
problems. I my humble opinion, the problem is caused by servers
installing software to automate more processes that presort mail
looking for SPAM or junk mail.

Good luck fixing your problem. My faith in our "high tech" world is
fading rapidly.


John Gwilliam

At 07:38 PM 10/25/2008, John.L.Cabassi wrote:
>G'Day List
>It has been brought to my attention that Greg Catterton has been
>having problems posting to the met list. He seems to receive email,
>but cannot post. So, I am acting on his behalf to try and resolve the problem.
>I would really appreciate some help on this issue or at least
>someone to contact in regards to the problem.
>Thanks in advance,
>John L. Cabassi
>IMCA #2125
>Meteorite-list mailing list
>Meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com

John Gwilliam

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