[meteorite-list] Tucson Show "Schedule"

From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 17:45:49 -0700
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Hi All,
        Someone contacted me off list re the specific
"schedule" of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. I
Wrote him back, then realized there may be a bunch
Of listees who would like the same info. Also, remember
That Meteorite Exchange will be prosting their famous
"Show Guide" closser to the event - that will tell you
Exactly WHERE each and every dealer will be.
        For now, here is the "schedule" as far as the meteorite
Part of it goes:
BIRTHDAY BASH : Fri, Feb. 6 - usually about 8PM?
    Jerry Armstrong lecture at 6 PM, Bidding starts at 7:30PM
Dealers start trickling in on the weekend preceding the
7th and are mostly all there by Sunday - this year will be
Like Sunday, Feb 1 - most try to open by Sat (this year, Sat,
Jan 31) but some won't get unpacked until Monday (Feb 2)
Many meteorite dealers start packing up to leave by Wed following
The weekend of the Birthday Bash & Meteorite Auction (this year,
That will be Wed, Feb. 11) and all will leave no later than
Sunday the following weekend after the BD Bash and Met.
Auction (this year, Sun, Feb. 15)
        So, as you can see, there is NOT a simple answer. The weekend
Of the Birthday Bash and the Meteorite Auction is the only weekend
ALL meteorite dealers are there, set up and open. (This year, that is
Fri, Feb 6 & Sat, Feb 7). The weekend before & after consists
Of most, but all not there and in various stages of unloading or packing
To leave and many not really "open" some of those days. If you want to
Spend a whole week with the most meteorite dealers present you are
best off from any seven days around and including Feb 6 & 7.
I HOPE this answers your question. As I said, there is no clear
Cut "start" date and the end date IS Sunday, Feb 15 this year - but
Many dealers will have left prior to the official end date.
        Best wishes, Michael
        PS: The On Line Meteorite Auction Catalog is now up and can be seen
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