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Hello List,
Thank you, Geoff and Ruben, for a very nice, well-written article.
Yes, it is available, in the States, at least. I picked up a few copies today.
If you are in a far corner of the globe and cannot get it, email me off-list
and I'll send you a copy.
One week from right now the Denver Show will be under-way.
For details on the Auction and Party, take a look at my site
(_www.IMPACTIKA.com_ (http://www.IMPACTIKA.com) ), you will find there (along with a lot of
updates) a Catalog of what has been entered in the Auction so far, and a link to
the COMETS site where you will find a lot more information.
Also Fred Hall, who is having problems posting, asked me to post this for him:
Once again "Meteorhall" will be set up at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show at
the Merchandise Mart, main floor, space 32. I will have many old falls and
finds, such as Juvinas, Allen, Dwight, Grady, Marlow. Along with pallasites, a nice
assortment of irons, mesosiderites, and some beautiful NWA stones.
I usually only sell at the Denver Mineral Show, and this year I will have
more of my personal collection for sale. Please stop by, check out the goodies
and visit with me.
High regards, Fred Hall

We certainly hope to see a lot of you here next week.
Anne M. Black
_http://www.impactika.com/_ (http://www.impactika.com/)
_IMPACTIKA at aol.com_ (mailto:IMPACTIKA at aol.com)
Vice-President, I.M.C.A. Inc.
_http://www.imca.cc/_ (http://www.imca.cc/)
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geoking at notkin.net writes:
Dear Listees:

A big thank you to everyone who posted compliments about the feature
that Ruben and I wrote for this month's "Sky & Telescope." Anyone who
knows Ruben knows that he is a blast to work with -- all that energy
and enthusiasm. Where does it all come from? : ) This project was
Ruben's idea and I was delighted to be asked to co-author with him.
Not every day that we meteorite guys manage to slink into a
respectable astronomy magazine : )

For those who are interested, the issue is on the newsstands as of
yesterday, and should be available at any major news agent or
bookstore that carries national magazines. It is the October 2008
issue and carries a story about saving the Hubble telescope on the

I'd also like to mention that about half the photos in the feature
were taken by my brilliant design and photography assistant (and M-
List member) Leigh Anne DelRay, but due to a layout error her photo
credits were omitted. An addendum regarding that omission will appear
in next month's issue.

Anyway, for those of you who read "S&T," I hope you enjoy the piece.

With best wishes,

Geoff N.

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