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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 14:47:16 -0000
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 Dear fellow listees,

 After more than a year away from ebay, meteoriteshow is back.
Some of you have already seen the first week's auctions that are porposed
but most of you haven't. Therefore i wish to let you have the list of
meteorites that could come and enrich your collection:

The link to reach the whole items listed is:

Here are now the details:

 1/ METEORITE: DAG 573 L4 - 6.7g part. endcut : This is a nice piece of a L4
found on Dar Al Gani, with fusion crust and smoothly polished cut surfaces.

2/ METEORITE: HaH299 H6 - 2.0g endpiece : This is a nice piece of an H6 ound
on Hamada al Hamra, with fusion crust and smoothly polished cut surface.

3/ METEORITE: NWA OC - FUSION CRUST - 53.8g indiv : This is a complete
unclassified OC with fusion crust that was purchased in Erfoud in May 2008.
Quite fresh!

4/ METEORITE: ORIENTED NWA OC - FUSION CRUST - 39.4g indiv : This is a
complete unclassified OC with fusion crust that was purchased in Erfoud in
May 2008. Quite fresh!

5/ METEORITE: NWA XXX - 0.4g Partslice - HOWARDITE : This is a partslice of
an Howardite that was purchased in Erfoud in May 2008. It is currently being
examined for classification and the first reaction when the specimen for
analyses was received was that it is a beautiful and very fresh Howardite.
Of course, all details about classification will be forwarded as soon as
available, as well as official name.

6/ METEORITE: SAH 02500 L3 - 80.4g fragment : This is a fragment of Sahara
02500, a beautiful L3 with fusion crust that was found in the Sahara.

7/ METEORITE: SAH 02501 EUC - 1.9g partslice : This is a partslice of a rare
type of Eucrite (see description).

I do not provide more details about these meteorites in that post as you
will find all necessary information in the announcements. Fom now on,
meteoriteshow will propose again meteorites every weeks on ebay and i hope
that you will find the choice large enough. I am currently based in Accra,
Ghana, but the meteorites are still being shipped from France, where they
are all located. So do not worry about shipment's safety, which will remain
the same as usual.
Just to give a short explanation about my presence in Ghana, i have decided
to go back to this West African country where i had spent 2 years as a
French volunteer, teaching mechanical engineering. This was my very first
contact with the African continent and my whole life got oriented by this
fantastic experience. Therefore i always wanted to come back here and set up
a tour agency in order to give a chance to other people to discover this
The tour egency is now set up and named ABACAR Ltd. and i am planning to
organize a tour focused on the Bosumtwi crater. Should this appear to be a
good idea to some of you, you can e-mail me any comment to my e-mail
address, so that i can do it the best way as possible.
Setting up a business in Africa is not an easy challenge and it takes a lot
of time, this is why i have not been very active with meteorites all those
past months. But i must admit that i am a meteorites' adict and now on my
way back!

Just one last information (sorry if it is not directly meteorites'
oriented); there is a website about my tour agency, that can be seen at
www.abacar-tours.com. It is not completely finished but will already give
some first idea of the place where i now live, to those of you who are

Thanks for checking my auctions on ebay and for bidding of course!!!

Best wishes to all of you,

Frederic Beroud
IMCA #2491
Received on Thu 04 Sep 2008 10:47:16 AM PDT

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