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From: Eric Wichman <eric_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 12:07:00 -0700
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Mike and All,

Most true meteorite dealers are fed up (they have been for quite some
time) with the policy Ebay has on such obvious fraud. Unfortunately
there's not much that can be done about it.

How does Ebay know that the supposed "meteorite" auctions aren't
meteorites at all other than the word of people like us who are in the
meteorite industry? You can do nothing more than report the perpetrators
to Ebay, but Ebay legally can't just take the words of "real" meteorite
dealer over another Ebay dealer because that simply could be seen as a
ploy to rid a dealer of their competition. So, Ebay continues to ignore
the "fake meteorite" problem for fear of getting sued for shutting down
the auctions that are suspicious and/or obvious fakes.

There might be something that could be done for a specific seller. Every
time there is obvious fraud, someone could try buying the "fake"
meteorites (if it's not expensive as in the case of
starchasersmeteorites supposed lunars), and documenting every aspect of
the sale, recording on video the package as it's opened, and recording
the cutting and testing of the fake. Even then it is open to argument
whether this will be valid and seen by Ebay as PROOF that this is not a

Continue to report the "fake meteorite" dealers and hope Ebay eventually
gets around to doing something about it.

As for the obvious fraud that has been committed against you, I would
contact Ebay directly. If you are a powerseller, Ebay gives you a direct
phone line to contact them. You can talk to them, email them photos and
documentation of everything you experienced with this particular seller
and file a fraud report.

All in all it's very tough to prove fraud with Ebay. You need evidence.
If you have the proof Ebay "might" listen and shut the seller down.

Eric Wichman

P.S. You can get info on how to file reports with Paypal and Ebay from here:


Or here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/tp/isgw-buyer-protection-steps.html

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> Hi all a while back I bought a stone that was supposed to be Nantan on
> E bay it was actually a pretty good fake. They had added coloring to
> make it look rusty and a magnet really stuck to it. So I stuck it on
> the saw thinking it might just be a ball of rust, well as soon as it
> started cutting it turned the everything a reddish color. When I
> finished the cut and looked at it, it was stone not iron at all.I
> would be surprised if it is not hematite. So I contacted the Chinese
> dealer and told them all of this and after a couple attempts to
> satisfy me will some discount or a better deal next time. I filed a
> case with Pay pal and demanded a full refund, and that they stop
> selling these lumps of rock as meteorites. I do not know if they ever
> really stopped but I see they are back to their same old tricks again,
> except this time I know that they know they are committing fraud. Does
> that make any difference? Is there anything we can do?
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