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Hi list, This month in Meteorite Times, my monthly column I do, called
Micro Visions, is on NWA 2977. It is a Lunar provided by Jim Strope (Catch a
Falling Star). I guess it is Jim's way of "supporting the arts". He has always
made his very expensive planetary thin sections available to me to image.
(This is no small thing when you think about the delicate nature of thin

Any way, This set of images turned out beautiful. I show them in full
color cross polarized light. Keep in mind, this is what I see through the scope.
  It is not color altered! I wish you could look through the eyepieces and
see it first hand.

As well as transmitted Xpol, I have some high magnification incident light
shots. This particular Lunar had an iron fleck with, what appears to be, a
mineral migration pattern. I posted the list about the possibility about three
weeks ago but this is the first posting of images. From what I gather, this
effect is caused by processes similar to Widmanstatten Pattern but on a MUCH
smaller scale.

It would be cool if you would take a look and let me know what you think.
Please keep in mind I am only asking and not trying to pass my opinions off as

Thanks, Tom Phillips http://www.meteorite-times.com/meteorite_frame.htm

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