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Just returned from Denver, nothing new there, nothing new to buy, prices very
high! Ali Hmani had the new desert irons, but from $2.00 to $3.00 gram for
large pieces, no thanks.
Any more questions?
Michael Farmer
I am very sorry, Micheal, you couldn't find anything to pick your interest in

As Doug explained (thank you Doug), there were things to be found. I had very
little time to search but I did find a few interesting pieces, like a Gibeon
slice you could play horse-shoe with, and a 80 grams crystal of Gibeon. And I
stocked up on cute little slices of Imilac, and got a beautiful large slice of
Seymchan from Blaine.
And did you go to Dima's room? He had boxes and boxes of Libyan Glass. The
first day I simply up-ended one box and searched, and picked out some very
pretty pieces, and the translucent 2 kilos mass sitting there.
The next day he pulled out the Green Monster from under the bed: 6.4 kilos,
mostly green with light streaks. Could it be the main mass of Libyan Glass?

Don't bother emailing Dima, he doesn't have it anymore.
See you all in Tucson, it is only four and a half months away.

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com
Vice-President, I.M.C.A. Inc.

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