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From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 16:04:31 -0600
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Dear List Members:

Every year since 1995 I have prepared a report to estimate the value
of each meteorite in my collection. This is done by painstakingly
visiting every legitimate dealer website. The results of these surveys
have become a true "snapshot" of each year's market prices.

Last year, I realized that this type of information might interest
other collectors and dealers. After adding value by identifying and
interpreting price trends, I shared the data by selling it
inexpensively on the Internet. The 2007 "Global Meteorite Price
Report" was limited to the eight-five meteorites within my collection,
but was instantly popular and the feedback I received was very

This year, to better serve the meteorite community I have expanded the
report to include many other popular meteorites beyond those held in
my personal collection. There are now 121 different meteorites (plus a
few of their permutations). I would have included more, but at least
one hundred historic or well-known meteorites that were on my search
list are not currently being offered for sale ? rare birds indeed.

This fourteen-page document contains three years worth of price data,
July, 2005, February, 2007 and September, 2008, so that price trends
among the meteorites you own can be identified. Actually, I do it for

My methodology is explained, and following the price list comparisons,
there is my "State of the Market Report" with "Market News", "Impact
of Dealer Competition", "Individual Meteorites of Note" and I
introduce a new concept to meteorites called "Tiered Pricing."

Breaking up the prose are many color photos of meteorites and related
items never or rarely seen before and select meteorite microscopy
works by the vanguard in this field, Tom Phillips.

But there's more. Did you ever wonder if you shared first names with a
meteorite? As a fun addition, I have included a two-page list of
meteorite names compiled from Monica Grady's latest version of "The
Catalogue of Meteorites" that are also "people names". Anyone named
Mike in the audience? You have a meteorite. (Alas, no chondrites named

Anyone owning my book (see www.theartofcollectingmeteorites.com) that
enjoys my writing style will want this report. Anyone trying to
understand the effects of the world's slowing economy on their
collection's value will want this report. Any dealer wondering how his
prices stack up against the competition will want this report.

The price is $11 payable on PAYPAL by visiting MARSROX at gmail.com

The lucky eleventh dollar will be used to enhance my charitable
donation of astronomy books to the Planetarium Dr. Max Schreier in La
Paz, Bolivia, in support of their large meteorite collection donated
by Blaine Reed.

Upon receipt of your funds, "The Global Meteorite Price Report" - 2008
and the "Meteorite/People Names" will be transmitted within 24 hours
in an email as attached Adobe pdf docs. They're highly "printer
friendly" and you will want to keep them among your meteorite files.

I look forward to sharing this information. You will enjoy the
journey. Thank you.

Kevin Kichinka
MARSROX at gmail.com
Received on Sun 21 Sep 2008 06:04:31 PM PDT

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