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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 19:33:51 -0700
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Well, OK then:
        I am not getting my own posts - and no one seems to
be interacting with the list, but here goes....
        I ordered a bunch of a meteorite originally named
"Mali," then called "Erg Chech" and now officially
called Chergach.
        Fell in the summer of 2007 in Chergach, Erg Chech
in the Timbuktu district of the Republic of Mali.
        The material on the market is prized due to
being a witnessed fall and having rich black fusion crust
with a fresh, white interior showing in broken sections.
I originally paid $5/g for a lot "wholesale," though I
have seen it offered for $4/g.
        I have a very nice shipment that just arrived and
I am offering the 5 remaining pieces for $2.25/g for
specimens with nearly100% FC and $2/g for specimens
with a broken side.
I do not believe anyone will ever see this material again
for these prices and I will be offering it (if any don't sell)
in my catalog at a considerably higher price.
        So, list members now have a very rare chance to get
a nice, big, fresh stone for your collection at the price
you now have to pay for highly weathered, unidentified
NWA material.
        (PS: Some of the cut slices and end pieces of this material
have shown distinct impact melt brecciation, though none
of this material has any cut surfaces, so, I have no idea what
a cut section would be like).
  When ordering, I suggest you name at least ONE
alternate, as I suspect these will go very quickly at this
Specimens Nearly 100% FC ($2.25/g SALE)
257g = SALE = 576-
500g = SOLD
1,077g = SALE =2,425- (Great regmaglypting)
Specimens with broken side ($2/g SALE)
117g = SALE = 230-
300g = SOLD
338g = SALE = 675-
708g = SALE = 1,416-
if you can't see the photos at:
and are interested, email me off list and I will send you an attachment.
        Best wishes, Michael
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