[meteorite-list] Meteorite Thin Sections and some NWA 1877 Olivine Dioginite micrographs

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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 11:23:16 EDT
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Hi List, As you have heard, Jeff Krosschell has been selling Adam Hupe's
inventory. Jeff and I have become friends since he first arranged for me to
borrow the NWA 5000 thin section (the only one at the time).

He has some thin sections from (at least this is my understanding) Adam's
collection. He will be selling these thin sections. We worked out a deal! I
will get a chance to ad images of these thin sections to my Micrograph
Gallery and he can use my shots to promote the thin sections.

The first up is NWA 1877 Olivine Dioginite. This slide is beautiful. You
will not believe the clarity! When taking shots at the high magnifications I
work with, a very good thin section is required. This thin section is
exceptional. It is polished (uncovered).

I have some killer shots taken at 160X. Email me if you want to see them.
(Even if you don't want to buy the slide.) Let me know if you want the ten
images embedded in the email or sent as an attachment. An attachment is a
large file but the detail is worth it.

I am not involved in the selling of these thin sections so you won't get a
sales pitch from me, just some great micrographs. If you are interested in
buying the thin section, email Jeff at jeffkrosschell at comcast.net I don't
even know what he is asking on any of these.

Tom Phillips

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