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Hi Steve,
>But I would really like to know more about that fireball that was
spotted here
in AZ

I think the fireball was actually fireworks celebrating Bush leaving


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What is this, a bash Bush, praise Obama list?

But I will keep track of you Obama supporters and when six months to a
later, be sure to remind you of your praise for the least qualified
President in
the most critical and perhaps the worst time in our history as a
nation. Time
will tell how well he stacks up to what everyone seems to expect of him.

But for now, lets get back to meteorites.


I find the Aziz-Farmer debate rather amusing.

But I would really like to know more about that fireball that was
spotted here
in AZ. At around 4:30 PM on the 19th, I was on my roof shoveling snow
off the
flat part. I heard a very weird noise seeming to come from the south. A
series of sharp cracks, like busting wood. Difficult to describe the
It was overcast, and I turned to look in the south direction, but
thought that
it might have been something related to the railroad. I thought nothing
of it
till I heard of this sighting.

Now I wonder.

Has any other reports come in on this explosive bolide.


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