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I??Second that Mike!
There are many meteorites that have such beautiful fusion crusts, ?I too have been reluctant to cut them, and whenever I do get around to cutting them, I am usually surprised to see that they are even more beautiful on the inside. And then I always ask myself, why didn't I cut this sooner? Look at what I was missing out on all that time!

Guess the old?saying is true

Don't Judge a Meteorite By it's Cover!

John Higgins

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Hi Stefan!

What a wonderful surprise! :)

Every meteorite is like an Easter Egg - there may be a treat inside.
And in this case, the inside is even better than the outside.? I can
understand your reluctance to cut it - the crust with it's delicate
textures are lovely enough on their own.? Please keep us updated on
the eventual classification of this specimen.? I am curious what it
turns out to be. :)

I have a 110gram UNWA that is a whole oriented stone with relatively
fresh crust, but it's so beautiful that I can't bring myself to cut
it.? Now I am rethinking that reluctance! ;) LOL

Best regards,


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Dear List,

I`m sorry for posting something meteorite related here on the list.;-)

Please let me show you two pictures of a really amazing new find from the
Sahara, a small single stone with a nice orientation and a fresh black crust
(very light-weight stone). I had to think for a while whether I should cut
this beautiful piece or not. But cutting was worthwhile because the result
was much surprising. The cut surface shows two lithologies, which have a
very sharp border. Its definitely a chondrite, and probably a carbonaceous
chondrite. Enjoy:

The uncut main mass:

The cut surface:

I really like this piece because I suppose that it could be something new.

Best wishes,

Berlin / Germany


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