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Dear List Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce a NEW Lunar Impact Melt
Breccia, NWA 5406. I have priced this at super competitive rates to help
kick off the start of the Tucson Show, be sure to check below for
introductory pricing and classification information!

Analysis performed on this meteorite indicates that it is, "...(one of) the
first lunar meteorite(s) that could pass for a sample of lunar soil from
Apollo 16 [1972] and, therefore, likely contains a small component of the
same iron meteorite (that is, ASTEROIDAL meteoritic origin) that is found in
Apollo 16 rocks and soil."

Here is the list of all of the NWA 5406 specimens for you to consider (19
NWA 5406 Lunar Feldspathic Impact Melt Breccia:
81.3g Complete Stone (2 photos)
70.1g end cut (3 photos)
30.3g end cut (2 photos)
8.656g compete slice (polished 2 sides)
8.588g compete slice (polished 1 side)
7.706g complete slice (polished 1 side)
6.364g complete slice (polished 1 side, unpolished side nice)(2 photos)
5.398g complete slice (polished 1 side)
1.928g part slice (polished 1 side)
1.436g part slice (polished 1 side)
1.370g part slice (polished 1 side)
1.330g part slice (polished 1 side)
1.320g part slice (polished 1 side)
446mg part slice (polished 1 side)
416mg part slice (polished 1 side)
378mg part slice (polished 1 side)
268mg part slice (polished 1 side)
260mg part slice (polished 1 side)
244mg part slice (polished 1 side)
222mg part slice (polished 1 side)

Introductory Pricing:
Complete Stone - Contact me.
End Cuts - Contact me.
Complete Slices - 5g to 9g $750.00/g
Part Slices - 2g and lower $950.00/g

If you are interested in any of these, please contact me Off List. Thank

Here is the classification, description and photographs I have for NWA 5406:
NWA 5406 is a Lunar Feldspathic Impact Melt Breccia meteorite found near
Siksou Mountain in Western Sahara (Morocco) in 2007. It consists of 6 stones
paired with the two stones of NWA 4936. This lunar specimen contains an
unusually large amount of free iron for a lunar sample and has many small
vesicles within the melt veins.

Image of 10.8-gram polished complete slice of NWA 5406:


Image of thin section in cross-polarized light of NWA 5406:


A lead scientist writes,

"NWA 4936(NWA 5406) is (one of) the first lunar meteorite(s) that could pass
for a sample of lunar soil from Apollo 16 [1972] and, therefore, likely
contains a small component of the same iron meteorite (that is, ASTEROIDAL
meteoritic origin) that is found in Apollo 16 rocks and soil."

Initially there was some confusion concerning the combined Total Known
Weight (TKW) of pairings of NWA 4936/5406 due to mismanaged distribution of
the original eight stones by a Moroccan dealer. Eventually the puzzle was
put together. After thorough searches of the find site, it has been
established that there are eight individual stones that together constitute
NWA 5406 (six stones 281g) and NWA 4936 (two complete stones 179g and one
20g type sample from one of the NWA 5406 stones) for a combined Total Known
Weight of 480 grams. Two of the eight stones (179g total) were purchased in
2007 by a collector, who removed 20 grams from one of these complete stones
and submitted it to a second scientist for classification without realizing
the material had already been classified. Months later the two classifying
scientists were able to piece together the puzzle when the final four stones
were purchased, and another 20 grams was submitted and classified under the
NWA 5406 designation. Luckily, all eight stones were proved to come from a
single Moroccan dealer and/or finder then classified by the same scientist!
In all, a combined total of 60.1 grams in type samples have been deposited
at UWS and UAz.

Image of 179.2-gram NWA 5406 individual with Siksou Mountain in background:


Image of Siksou Mountain, discovery location of NWA 5406/4936:


Classification submitted to the Meteoritical Bulletin for NWA 5406:

Northwest Africa 5406


Find: July 2008

Achondrite (lunar, feldspathic breccia)

History: Purchased by Greg Hup? in July 2008 from a dealer in Ouarzazate,
Morocco, who reported that these stones were found in the same area as NWA
4936 near Siksou Mountain in southern Morocco.

Physical characteristics: Six dark gray, mostly very fine grained stones
(total weight 281 g) with hackly fracture and lacking obvious fusion crust.
The interior of each stone resembles devitrified glass with dispersed small
white clasts.

Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) All specimens are composed of
small mineral clasts and sparse lithic clasts in a very fine grained matrix
(which has the texture of an impact melt with heterogeneous, "swirly"
glass). Mineral clasts include anorthite, olivine, pigeonite, subcalcic
augite, ilmenite, troilite, and irregular-shaped grains of kamacite.

Geochemistry: Pigeonite (Fs34.7Wo9.8, FeO/MnO = 59.9), augite (Fs55.8Wo26.4,
FeO/MnO = 72.6), olivine (Fa25.7-27.0, FeO/MnO = 85.3-120), plagioclase
(An96.2-97.2Or0.0). Bulk composition (R. Korotev, WUSL): FeO 5.8 wt.%, Th
2.0 ppm, Sc 9.1 ppm, Ni 520 ppm, Sm 6.3 ppm.

Classification: Achondrite (lunar, feldspathic breccia). These stones have
essentially the same distinctive textures, mineral compositions and bulk
composition as NWA 4936, and are almost certainly paired with the latter

Specimens: A total of 20.0 g of sample are on deposit at UWS. The main
masses are held by Mr. G. M. Hup?.

Link to Washington University in St. Louis website for NWA 4936/5406:


Link to LPI abstract concerning NWA 4936 and other lunar meteorites:



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Thank you for considering these!

Best regards,

Greg Hupe
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