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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 08:47:21 -0700
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If you use any of the epoxy adhesives that have iron powder as one of
the ingredients, the glue will "migrate" to the poles of the magnet.
I witnessed this myself when gluing some neodymium magnets to some
wood dowels. Back about 10 years ago, Dave Andrews and I made a
variety of "magnetic canes" for hunting meteorites. We used golf
club shafts that can be bought at a thrift store for cheap. The
longer woods shafts were the perfect length. If you want something
shorter, you can shorten the driver shafts or simply use a shaft from
an 8 or 9 iron.


John Gwilliam

At 10:15 PM 1/28/2009, Pete Pete wrote:

>You can get two powerful rare earth magnets from each discarded hard
>drive, an old ski pole, epoxy or any of the GOOP adhesives, and some
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> > Can anyone recommend a good site on making a hunting stick and
> what magnet(s) I should use?
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