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And here we are talking about meteorites that were purchased on one day, and
a few days later - not a month later - but a few days later - were placed on
sale with discounts of 10 to 20 percent or more.

Under these circumstances, unless someone wants an item really, really
badly, why would they purchase an item when they first see it listed?
Experience shows that the best thing to do is to wait - not buy.

I think it's best when dealers put items up for sale at fair prices, and
then, if after a reasonable period of time, the items do not move, to
advertise for best offers (even though they would have considered the offers
before) or to offer a some sort of discount.

But buying a meteorite on day 1, and then seeing it for sale at up to 30%
less on day 4 or 5, certainly gives a potential buyer reason to pause before
buying again.

Just my thoughts.

Mark Grossman

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> Just about EVERY retail store has a 30 day refund policy that states if
> item you bough goes on sale within 30 days you can take the receipt in and
> get the difference refunded.
> I don't see the difference in Michaels approach to any other retail
> Target has sales all the time. I buy something one week, then the next
> it is on sale. What can you do.
> My advice for meteorites...make an offer. Most dealers are very flexible
> especially if you are a returning customer.
> Matt
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