[meteorite-list] " Superbolide " from 5-31-09

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Hello List,
? If you haven't already read about this "superbolide" from 5-31-09, you might find it interesting.

   This is from the spaceweather web site.? They have two links. One shows a VERY short movie of the event, and the other is a link for more info.

 " BLINDING FLASH: On May 31st, evening sky watchers in northern Poland were temporarily blinded by a sudden flash of light brighter than the full Moon. An automated camera in the town of Gniewowo captured this snapshot of the "un-night" sky:

What happened? A meteoroid of unknown origin hit Earth's atmosphere and exploded. "It was a huge fireball, probably brighter than magnitude -13," reports Gniewowo resident Przemyslaw Zoladek. "The explosion occured at 20:48 UT and was observed by many casual witnesses and at least two Polish Fireball Network video stations." No one knows if fragments of the object reached the ground. "

? Best wishes,
? Robert Woolard

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