[meteorite-list] AD: Thin Sections, all the cool kids are doing it!

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 13:08:07 EDT
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Hello List,

I have added a few things to my Ebay Store. Some cool Oriented Gaos and
other oddities.

Of note is the 20% sale I am running on the Thin Sections for this weekend
(starting at 1pm Eastern). They were priced low to start with. 20% off
is a great deal.

Even if you don't have a microscope, don't let that stop you from buying
some cool and cheap thin sections. It is a great way to show people what
scientists do with meteorites. You can even take polarized lenses from
sunglasses and place it behind the thin section and the other one turn 90
degrees and place it in front of it, and whamo, you have a plethora of amazing
colors streaming to you.

It is enough to make people who can't even spell "meteorite" to say "Wow!"

Join in on the fun. All the cool kids are doing it! Go ahead, I won't
tell your Mom.

Check them out here:


Steve Arnold
of "Meteorite Men"

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