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Pete sometime let me tell you about the First Church of the Navelites.. but to your question

They would be called meteorites until identified as originating from the Earth--then the debate is opened up again.

Recently someone at NASA or in the IAU stated the new definition of meteorite includes any rocky object falling onto the surface of any planet should be regarded as a meteorite (my translation)

I recently read a calculation of the number of Earth originating rocks gone to meteorites on the moon and on Mars and it was a fairly high number within the realistic realm of being identified as such.

A further subset of missing nomenclature is what to call returning non tektite ejecta that may have orbited a while and get returned much later. The Reis impactor is a candidate for having been able to eject rocks into orbit. As I've mentioned it before, it hurled some multi-ton limestone boulders over 60 miles up a mountain side in Austria.

A meteorite could not eject material into space from earth but an asteroid sized impactor most certainly has in the past. That is the physics don't prohibit it.

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> We have the Martian type meteorite,
> and we have the
> Lunar meteorite and last, the asteroid 4Vesta meteorite.
> These we know where they come from.
> Now the question---given enough energy, can a meteorite
> hit earth and eject debris which (maybe) land on the moon
> or Mars? What would we call such a meteorite---Earthoid,
> or maybe Earthite?
> Just contemplating my navel here.
> Pete
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