[meteorite-list] - 535 pound Canyon Diablo relocated

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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 01:27:20 -0700
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I'm with you, Doug. The older I get, the less I like change!
Very interesting article you posted. Quite revealing. Quite sad.
I generally shun gift shops while I'm in National Parks.
I'm wishing I would've hung out at Verkamp's though, now.
Ironically, I'll be there in 4 days, to take part in the Grand Canyon Star
Party. :^)

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Hi Linton, List,

How sad! - this smacks of Nininger's closing of his museum at Meteor
Crater (Though I am sure the Barringers can identify with it as well).
Lowell is the most deserving of institutions, but it looks like the
meteorite is now in the part of the visitor center that requires more
than a token payment to get in to the complex, whether visitors are
interested in seeing the rest the observatory has to offer or not. Now
departed is the Verkamps/early Nininger era in Zane Grey's bygone West
(whose fiction included references to Meteor Crater).

For anyone else like me who gets nostalgic seeing the dying breaths of
home brewed cowboy and Indian administration go by the wayside, or the
erasure of collective memories tooling down route 66 teaching screaming
wide-eyed kids in the back seat learning that travel is so broadening,
here's another article related to Linton's post.


Trouble with the link? then use this one:

Also, you can't help noticing this part of Linton's linked article:
"As to how the Verkamp family ended up with the fragment, Verkamp said,
"We don't quite know." "

Best wishes,

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Subject: [meteorite-list] - 535 pound Canyon
Diablo relocated

Nice little specimen moves from Grand Canyon to Lowell Observatory, in


I wish I had known it was at the Canyon. I've been there numerous times
and didn't have a clue it was there

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