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It is just that every newspaper article and every interview usually touches on the fact that collectors get all the material and science is left in the dark.
I am proving the point that commercial and private collectors actually provide the bulk of the material to science. We have likely recovered over 20 stones from this fall, thankfully before any precipitation, so almost all stones (except the bird crap pieces and the dog-slobber stone) are pristine.
I rapidly donated a piece I found to TCU, am working on getting some more into another major museum collecdti

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Howdy all

    I?ve received a few ...em... ?spirited?
responses to my last email that
tell me that it didn?t exactly read the way I
intended. I wasn?t trying to
be a hero because I bought a plane ticket, I was trying to
say that
traveling on ?your own dime? isn?t what scientists are
used to doing.
Someone had made the comment that there were no scientists
to be seen at
West, and I agree that is ridiculous. Scientists
travel to Antarctica every
year to collect meteorites, but no one could be bothered to
fly to Austin!?
How many people who spend their lives studying meteorites
just passed up a
chance to see an actual, fresh strewn field?? (not to
mention the kolaches)
Funny thing is, I was actually agreeing with some of the
nasty-grams I?ve
    Sounds like I touched a nerve. Can I
suggest that y?all spare me the
wrath, and direct it instead at the scientists who weren?t
actually there?


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