[meteorite-list] Meteorite Hits 14 Year Old Girl? Boy?

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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 14:52:03 EDT
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I'm not sure where to start with this one. It could be a meteorite that
hit the childs hand, but with an embellished story to go with it. Or a pebble
thrown at the child by either another person or perhaps a passing vehicle,
but still accompanied with an embellished story. The boy saw a "white
Light" and soon afterwards "felt something on his hand. " Well this could be a
case of a person describing what they think should have happen if it was a
meteorite that hit them. But this is where they trip themselves up. If it
was glowing to the point it burnt him as it went by, I doubt the boy would
be alive to tell this tale. Either by the large boulder sized rock that it
would have to be in order to be glowing on ground impact or the concussion
when it hit the ground...apparently right next to him. then he states that
the pebble left a sizable crater to which he stared at the glowing rock.
Then afterwards doused it with his ice tea and took it to school with him. I
also find it interesting that there's no report of any sonic boom...which
I'm sure there would have been one for a large rock that glowed to the
ground. But since he says it was a pebble, No sonic boom reports would be normal.
Me thinks this kid suckered in a lot of folks with some wishful thinking.
Perhaps he could do better selling bridges?


>>Two German news sites report a 14 year old was hit by a meteorite.

"...A pebble-sized meteorite crashed and burned into Earth, grazing
14-year-old Gerritt Blank while on his way to catch the school bus..."

Meteor hits boy on way to school
Published: 11 Jun 09 11:46 CET

?At first, I only saw a big, white ball of light. Then, my hand hurt,
and then it slammed into the street,? he told daily /Westdeutsche
Allgemeine Zeitung/. ?After I saw the white light, I felt something on
my hand.?

The result was a 10-centimetre burn on the back of his left hand, but
Blank knew something special had happened to him.

?I thought the meteor struck me, but it could also be a result from the
heat as it went by me,? he said.

After the intial shock, Blank looked at the glowing rock the left a
sizable crater in Brakeler Wald Street. He then took the iced tea from
his school lunch and doused his glowing pebble and took it to school
with him.

?At school, I told the story. My classmates believed me,? he said. His
parents didn?t get to hear the story until the end of the school day.

Once home, Blank, who plans to focus his studies in science, tested the
round, black object and already found some confirmation the pebble is
from outer space: like many meteorites, the rock is magnetic.<<

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