[meteorite-list] Ad Sale Meteorite Auctions ending"Tonight" on ebay and this weekend and new Specimens added this week, Lake Murray, from Oklahoma, Norton County, Krasnojarsk-First Pallasiet, Kunashak, Kainsaz, Miles-Australia, Tatahouine, plus Mighei, and Murchison

From: Brian Cox <searchingforfun_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 16:06:10 -0500
Message-ID: <007c01c9f058$9bd62220$4001a8c0_at_BRIANSCOMPUTER>

     Hello fellow Meteorite Collectors
I hope you're having a Great Week!
Please click on the link here to my ebay seller's page for some great
 I've listed that end "Tonight" and this weekend.
Thanks for looking, clear skies and happy hunting

 Brian Cox

 searchingforfun is my ebay User Id......please click on the link below to
 go to my seller's page with all the meteorites below

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NORTON COUNTY Meteorites 2.20g COAs IMCA AUBRITE Crust (270407214171) Endsin less than 2 hours !!!!!!!TATAHOUINE Meteorite The Green Met 1.992g COA IMCA ADIO (270407242094)Ends in about 3 hoursMILES Meteorite Iron IIE Sili Australia .199g COA IMCA (280357412012)Ends in 6 hoursGHUBARA Meteorites 13.47g COA IMCA Xenolithic CRUST (280357784040)LAKE MURRAY Meteorite 2.37 g COA IMCA IIAB RARE NICE (270408239282)MURCHISON Meteorite Australia .882g COA IMCA CRUST CM2 (280358494896)Almost a full gram!MURCHISON Meteorite Australia .010 g COA IMCA RARE CM2 (270408789706)Bluff Meteorite Texas 7.2 gms L5 IMCA COA 1878 Olivine (270408834307)CHINGA Meteorite USSR 119 g COA IMCA Iron Ataxite IVB-U (280358537053)Kainsaz Meteorite Russia 0.26g COA IMCA CO3.2 RARE Nice (270408858344)MIGHEI Met
 eorite Ukraine 1.418g COA IMCA CM2 VERY RARE (270408916128) VeryNice Specimen from Rob Elliott's Fernlea CollectionToluca Meteorite Mexico 90.0g COA IMCA Course Octa Iron (270409549531)Kunashak Meteorite Russia 2.17g COA IMCA Hard to Find (280359047153)Tulia Meteorite (a) H3-4, 6 gms IMCA 1917 Fusion CRUST (280359430898)NWA 300 Meteorite Morocco 5.3 g COA IMCA Brecciated (270410064086)NWA 300 Meteorite Morocco 7 g COA IMCA Brecciated (270410066611)Krasnojarsk Meteorite Russia .17g IMCA PAL VERY RARE (280359487856) TheVery First Named "Pallasite" named after Peter Pallas thanks for looking! Brian IMCA # 6387>>
Received on Thu 18 Jun 2009 05:06:10 PM PDT

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