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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 08:54:10 -0600
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Hi All
Iris is having trouble posting to the list. Lots of great stuff for sale.

Dear meteorite list members,

It has been a while that I posted to the meteorite list. I have just
updated my sale pages on my meteorite web site: http://www.nyrockman.com

The following are some of the new material entered.

Canyon Diablo is a complete sculptural individual that a call the "CAT". The
specimen weight is 2,957 grams. The size is 140" height by 105" wide. The
specimen comes with the original invoice and is a numbered "Historic iron
with Nininger specimen #34.5239".

Canyon Diablo complete individual weight is 10.2 kg "Historic iron with
Nininger # 34.4949" and original invoice. Very sculptural piece. A museum
grade A specimen.

Esquel part slice of a beautiful Pallasite. The olivine crystals on this
piece are just magnificent. This specimen also has a wonderful
Windmanstattern pattern and has a gorgeous finish on the piece. It is a very
impressive piece. The slice contains great looking olivine crystals (dark
green, dark yellow and red) some olivine crystals you can see the light
going threw the piece. The weight of the Esquel specimen 1,653 grams and
the size 4.5 mm x 260 mm x 360 mm.

 Henbury complete Individual 2.56 kg It is all natural with a very nice

 Henbury complete large Individual 5.55kg The meteorite specimen is all
natural with a great looking patina. It also has a nice size hole. A
real collector's piece. "Museum quality piece" This specimen is
from my personal collection.

Homestead very large fragment with a nice cut face 2,660 grams. The
specimen has 35% fresh black fusion crust. A real collector's piece.
"Museum grades A specimen."

Murchison very beautiful looking fragment that has 45% fresh black fusion
crust. The specimen also has a very nice looking cut face. The weight is
234.6 grams


Murchison a beautiful looking fragment that has 30% fresh black fusion
crust. The specimen also has a cut face the weight is 17.2 grams. A nice
collector's piece.

Odessa excellent looking very large Individual specimen. "A museum quality
specimen." Very sculptural and one of my best pieces from my personal
meteorite collection. 35.2 kg

Seymchan full slice is a very large beautiful pallasite weight 17.1kg. This
is one of the best larger looking slices available. This slice has the
largest surface are that I have ever offered. It has a nice balance of
crystals and metal. This specimen's crystals go from fine to larger and are
visible. The piece has been etched with a wonderful Windmanstattern pattern
and has a gorgeous finish on the piece. The specimen has areas that are
encrusted with (dark red, yellow and green) olivine crystals. "Museum grades
A specimen."

Sikhote-Alin a very large beautiful grade A- black oriented individual
18.8 kg
Excellent looking iron meteorite with remaglypts. This beautiful oriented
iron is covered with thumbprints, valleys and ridges. ( it is all natural)
One of my best iron specimens from my personal meteorite collection.
"Museum quality specimen."

Udei station Slice 318 grams size 6 mm x 110 mm x 129 mm "good looking

Best regards

Iris Lang

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