[meteorite-list] AD - Pallasovka, Ghubara and Uruacu available

From: David Deyarmin <bobadebt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 13:30:27 -0400
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I have some Pallasovka, Ghubara and Uruacu available for sell.

I am working long hours and don't have the time to fully process all of this
material but if you are interested in any of it, let me know what you are
looking for and I will prepare a few pieces and send you images so you can
make the a decision on what you want.

All prepared specimens will come with provenance cards.

Here are some examples -

I'm looking for ...
a 10 gram polished fragment of Pallasovka
a 5 gram un-polished fragment of Pallasovka
a Pallasovka olivine crystal
a 75 gram slice of Ghubara
a 50 gram lot of Ghubara fragments
a 20 gram clean Uruacu fragment
a 1kg lot of un-clean Uruacu fragments

If interested in anything, please contact me off list at bobadebt at

If you live in the USA, and if you want, I can call you to discuss exactly
what you are looking for




I have about 105 grams of Pallasovka fragments available for $5 per gram for
polished specimens and $3 per gram for unpolished specimens

Here is a shot of the biggest fragments


Here are 3 images of the largest polished fragment, it is 16 grams and is
available for $80




I might sell this as a wholesale lot, email me an offer and I will run it
past Serge


Here is size comparison picture




I have about 2kgs of Ghubara slices available in sizes ranging from a few
grams up to hand sized slices weighing 100+ grams

Here is an image of a 32 gram slice that measures 50mm x 55mm, it is
available for $32


I also have some fragments available for $1 per gram


If you are interested in this material let me know the weight and apx size
you are looking for and I will prepare a couple slices in that range.

I will sell this in wholesale lots for 75 cents per gram

I also have 300 grams dust that was created when I cut the main mass. It is
not pure, it is contaminated with the plaster I set the mass in but it's
cool and I will sell it for $5 for a 50 gram pouch


I have a 4Kg of Uruacu Fragments ranging from a few grams up to 305 grams

I can sell them "as is" for $0.90 per gram or I will clean them for $1 per

If you want a wholesale lot contact me for info, be sure to let me know what
size lot you want

Here is an image of a cleaned fragment

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