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I hand hold on occasion, but will also use a glue gun and glue it to a plastic block. That way it can be easily fit into the vise. The glue can be easily removed by hand or a hair dryer. I have also built custom vises to hold odd samples.
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Hi Listees and Stonecutters!

After using my saw on several occasions now, I wanted to share a
recent experience and ask a related question.

While cutting a small unclassified NWA stone about the size of a
walnut, my stepson showed up and started watching. It made him
extremely nervous watching me handhold the small stone while I cut it.
 Apparently seeing my unprotected fingers a half-inch away from a
spinning diamond blade was too much to bear. He is absolutely
convinced I am going to cut a finger off. (Shows how much confidence
he has in me!) LOL

He asked why I don't use some kind of jig or holder that will hold the
stone for me. I showed him my rock vise, which is made for use with
this particular saw. But the vise is only good for larger stones, or
elongated stones. It's not much good for holding very small
acorn-sized or walnut-sized stones. So, I bravely go where no fingers
should go. He asked what I would do if I cut off my finger, and I
nonchalantly said I would drive myself to the nearest emergency room,
wait my turn, get it sewed back on, and then go home with a big
bandaged hand and type a one-handed email to the list about the
episode. ;)

So, my question is - how do you cut very small stones on a 6" lapidary
saw? Do you hand hold them? Do you use some kind of jig? And how
many digits do you still have on your hands?

Honestly, I am not terribly worried about it. I am experienced with
power tools and saws, so I'm not being reckless. But if there is
something I can do to make my wife and family feel better about it,
I'd do it.

Best regards,

10-Fingered Mike (for now)

Michael Gilmer (Louisiana, USA)
Member of the Meteoritical Society.
Member of the Bayou Region Stargazers Network.
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