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Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 23:08:14 +0000
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Hey Carl,

If you assume that the date range could easily be 5 years either side
(your lady isn't a teenager!), MetBase lists 19 iron meteorites in the
US between those. None were falls, and none were in NY.

If you ignore irons and look at all falls in the US between 1923 and
1933, MetBase lists 13, none are iron, and again none in NY. Now my US
geography isn't great, but I don't think Missouri, N Carolina, Jansas,
Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, Texas or Illinois are particularly close to
NY. (Close as in enough to potentially see/hear a meteorite, which
could land some distance away).

There are in fact only 4 recorded falls from NY - Bethlehem (1859),
Yorktown (New York) 1869, Schenectady (1968) and Peekskill (1992).
Combined TKW is just over 14kg.

We can only really go on published data. It is, of course, possible an
iron was found and lost/cut up/smelted, but it would be hard to move and
if your witness saw it fall to earth others would have too, and it would
likely have been communicated by that period. My money would be on
conflated or hazy memories; munitions? dug-up septic tank? I don't know,
but in the absence of any other evidence on balance it doesn't ring true
to me.


cdtucson at cox.net wrote:
> List,
> I have a question;
> I met a lady that swears she witnessed a meteorite fall in Potter, or Rushville, in the state of New York on her grandfathers farm. His name was Floyd Lafler. . Potter is just south of Rochester. . She was about 7 years old around 1928. A meteorite fell and she heard detonations and her whole house shook. When her family went outside they observed a large iron meteorite about the size of a large desk. She said it even smelled bad.
> Later some men in suits came with a large trailer and hauled the thing away. She is looking for any information about the fall.
> I get nothing on a Google search. Is there any way to find out if this exists or what could have happened to this meteorite? Thanks.
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