[meteorite-list] AD: Special: Carbonanza! New W0/1-Fresh CK5 - newW1 CO3 - cheapest CK5 on market, CK4/5 and a W2 CO3

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Hi all,

I was talking with Martin about this meteorite earlier in the week. A very
nice CK indeed. I think the Chladnis lads have done quite an amazing job
with these CK marvels. In fact their 11 or more different ones out of the
deserts in the past couple of years is a considerable feat given their
rarity. Martin was showing me some of these meteorites this morning and I
thought I would repost them here for everyone to enjoy. Hope that's ok

NWA 5704 CK5, S2, W0/1

NWA 5475 CK4/5 S1, W2/3

NWA 5378 CK5 S2, W1

NWA 5246 CK5, S2, W3

NWA 4897 CK5, S2, W2

NWA 4813 CK5 S2,W2

NWA 4811 CK5,S2, W2

NWA 4810 CK4,S2,W2



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newW1 CO3 - cheapest CK5 on market, CK4/5 and a W2 CO3

Dear collectors,

spring is in the offing and after times of heavy fare of Tucson and West,
Dr.Chladni recommends a high-carb-diet at low cost:
Today it is all about carbonaceous!

Lead stone of the special has certainly to be the superb W0/1-fresh CK5, the
new NWA 5704.
Here it is already, for the impatient ones:

And here you might see our little dilemma - we brought so many new CKs to
light in such a fast pace, that some collectors could tend to loose the
feeling for the desirability for this still so exceedingly rare class.
If we counted correctly,
it's our 11th CK in roughly 2 years, all different and not paired to
eachother. Well, others know us as Misters R, while again others appreciate
us for..enough with that self-adulation.

Karoonda-type chondrites stay a highly interesting and somewhat unusual type
in that clan between CV and CO and they are very rare.
Remember back, what did we have in these sometimes so glorified pre-desert
CV3s everyone had thanks to the enormous and benedictory shower of Allende,
Vigarano, Axtell, perhaps Leoville - no problem. CO3 not so easy, but
Kainsaz and Colony of course were available, and the others here and there.
Murchison at will for the CM2-gap.
But CKs? Some Karoonda, usually also not in larger servings than today,
that few material, which came out before the export prohibition was coming
into force. And as a very difficult exercise with a lot of luck, perhaps a
small cut of Maralinga.
And that was it. Full stop.

And not only for the collectors, for the researchers too. Cook 003 in 1986,
and the other 100g+ of 3 Aussie-finds later more, that was all of CK.
Consequently collectors and scientist jumped on the first desert finds - and
if you google around, seen the number of publications, the CKs never left
the focus of research. Fingers up, who recalls DaG 275 and 412? Weren't they
a sensation?
But also pricey - 100$, 150$ and up per gram..
and for the first time really readily available became the CKs with the
sensational find of a German team of HaH 280/281 which is still after
Karoonda by far the largest CK ever, weighing more than all other CKs,
including Antarctica together.

So far so good. In the last specials we explained a lot about the CKs. Their
properties, their differences to the other carbonaceous types, we gave the
stats. all CKs together 101kg, hence rare as Martians (and only 5.1kg
endlessly paired ones from 32 years of Antarctic hunts).

Therefore we want today to pander to another factor. A somewhat trivial and
profanatory, but nevertheless for many collectors
decisive aspect: The Price.

Recently, when we introduced the NWA 5246 CK to the German list, we made a
complete overview of ALL desert-CK offers of the dealers list and some more:
No worries, we didn't made it because we have a drive to an overreaching
competitiveness - we made all dealers' names anonymous - but it was
necessary, because many collectors have their difficulties to evaluate the
meteorites, and tend to think: they ask this price, so the value of the
material can't be higher. The price = maximum value
and else we couldn't explain what for a service and performance we're
delivering to them in permanently offering these special sales.
(..the same as we understood the rule here on this list, that advertisements
should either contain outstanding material or prices below usual level or

One result was, that averagely weathered CKs have an average price on the
dealers pages of 40$ per gram.
(Cheapest is HaH 280 starting at 15$ for larger servings at the finder).

Again, to clarify, these are the regular and normal prices of the
international and specialized trade and these prices are fully and
completely justified seen the difficulty to find such material and seen the
amazing rareness of the CKs.

So and with this background you'll understand better, because we call our
specials "specials".

Enough phrases. Let the Carbonanza begin!

First comes the fresh NWA 5407.
A CK5, weakly shocked with W2.
But most important, it got a W0/1 - which means, that it is extremely fresh.

The weathering scale from W0 to W6 doesn't depict a linear temporary
Weathering happens not continuously. A stone falls, then it is W0.
Very soon it will be W1 - in fact often a single rain fall in our climate
can be enough to turn a W0 into a W0/1.
It's difficult to guess, how long it takes until a stone turns to a W1. The
conditions are to different, certainly that process will take much longer in
arid deserts. But almost all of his residence on Earth, up to 50,000 years
until it will have been gone, a meteorite is a W2, a W3 and worse.
So with W0 and W0/1 we get the tiny tip of the top of the bulk of all
meteorites found.

And NWA 5704 is such a stone. And it is a CK.
As you notice in the pictures, it is very chondrules-rich for a CK.
The usual value of the chondrules-density, hence the ratio of chondrules to
matrix, you'll find is 15%.
Therefore NWA 5704 seems to be an exception.

The striking freshness becomes visible at its best by the wonderful black
fusion crust, which completely surrounds all slices.
See above, to estimate, whether it's a fine offer.

We price the slices at 25$ per gram - and the fully crusted endcut at 19$
per gram only!


Next is NWA 5246,
also a CK5,
but it shows the average weathering of W3.
Nevertheless, if you compare it to your HaH 280 at home - which visually
isn't directly sooo exciting, you'll agree, that NWA 5246 offers still a lot
of interesting details and now it comes:

- by far the lowest of offer for a CK on whole market.


As we got hefty complains from the German collectors, because we always post
our specials to the US-list late at night of our local times, so that often
most specimens, if not all, are sold when they open their computer, we had
offered this CK before to the German forum, so that several specimens are
already sold.

Last but not least: NWA 5475
The CK4/5 - we already had it here on the list,
but we introduced it right on the Tucson&Superbowl-weekend, so that the ad
was lost in midst that joyous agitation, else it's not explainable, that
there are indeed two pieces left at this price.

And because it's a low-shocked CK, S1 - seen the speculations about the
parent body of the clan, which attest it a shocking childhood - and the
attractiveness of the stone, which looks so much prettier than the W2/3



Now we knock on the neighbour door, where the other part of the clan is
Two new CO3s we got ready.

To pick up, where we left above. CO3s were very rare too, do you know the
reason, why they are so cheap today?
Exactely, due to the early desert finds. The DaG pairing group from Libya.
Didn't made a summation, but I guess it was a hundredweight + DaG 749 with
almost 100kgs! Else we would pay today different prices, because if you
check the Bulletin Database, from NWA-Wonderland, we have so far only 14kgs.

Here they are and today at one-price of 8$ a gram.

NWA 5703
a low-shock and well fresh W1 CO3 - while stock lasts!


and NWA 5383
W2 and very elegant - a fiesta under the magnifier:

Now we hope that you'll enjoy that High-carb-diet, which will help to gain
weight to your collection without your wallet getting slimmer and send best

Martin Altmann & Stefan Ralew
Chladni's Heirs
Munich - Berlin
Fine Meteorites for Science & Collectors


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