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From: teddy applebaum <tiapplebaum_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 11:27:05 -0400
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Hi list,

A few more important West totals have come in:

Rob Wesel: 9 stones, total: 255 g
Ruben Garcia: 15 stones, total: unknown (12.6g)
Patrick Thompson: 15 stones, total: unknown
Mike Bandli: 6 stones, total: 53.715g
Micheal Cottingham: 18 stones, total: 286g
Micheal Farmer: 23 stones, total: 531.6
Greg Hupe: 12 stone total: 268g (50g)
Eric Wichman: 1 stone, total: 6.7 grams
Jim Baxter 5.9g: from Mike Farmer
Robert Woolard: and son 7 stones, total: 407 grams
James Phillips: 4 stones, total: 36.3
Geoff Notkin: at least 13 stones, total: unknown (18.8g)
Mike Miller: 8 stones totaling: 365g (212g)
Del Waterbury: 5 stones totaling: 75.3g (8g, 5,6g, 5.2g, 5.5g, 51g,)
Mike Morgan: 1 stone total: 13g
Keith and Dana Jenkerson: 4 stones, total: unknown
Mexico Doug and Rob Matson: 12 stones, total: 280g+
Bob Haag: 4 stones, total: 89g (rumor)
John Sinclair: 4 stones, total: 43.91g (5.77g, 9.84g, 13.55g, 14.75g
Steve Arnold: 24 stones found, 1 purchased, total: 372.4g

Totals: 142 stones with known weights = 3120.225g + at least 46 other
known stones lacking weights + unknown numbers from these hunters:

Jim Schade
Sonny Clary
Shauna Russel
Robert Ward
Gary Curtiss
Matt Morgan

So a total of 142 stones with known weights = 3120.225g, which
averages out to 21.93g per stone.

At that rate the 46 stones with unknown weights would add another 1010.8g

So a new minimum estimate of the West total is 4.1 kilos, and it makes
sense to estimate that 4.5-5 kilos have been found since we still have
at least 6 hunters with unreported stone, and weight totals (and
Farmers back at it).

? Teddy A
Received on Mon 09 Mar 2009 11:27:05 AM PDT

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