[meteorite-list] Witnessed Falls and Hammers - warning, LONG.

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It seems to me that this marketing term "hammer" should only be applied
to the actual stone(s) that hit a structure, not an entire shower.
Thus, Moss stone #5 is a hammer since it went through a roof, but stone
#2 is not since it only hit a tree and landed in some grass.


mail at mhmeteorites.com wrote:
> I think to be considered a hammer the meteorite needs to hit a human-made structure, like a building or car. Seems to me that many have taken the term and bastardized it to the point where it has lost its true meaning and interest (at least to me).
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> Ehm is Ourique a hammer too?
> It hit a man made dirt road.
> And Hosur made a hole in a road too.
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> Hi Listees! :)
> I was compiling my latest inventory list, when I noticed that my
> collection of witnessed falls and hammers is growing to a
> semi-respectable number - albeit still quite small compared to some
> of the envious collections other list members have.
> So I thought I would ask the list - how many witnessed falls and
> how many hammers do you have in your collection?
> Right now, I have 25 witnessed falls and 11 hammers :
> Hammer falls -
> Allende
> Carancas
> Claxton
> Gao Guenie
> Holbrook
> Moss
> Murchison
> New Orleans
> Park Forest
> Peekskill
> Weston
> Other witnessed falls -
> Bassikounou
> Chergach
> Ensisheim
> Juvinas
> Norton County
> Shalka
> Sikhote Alin
> Tagish Lake
> Tamdakht
> Tatahouine
> Udei Station
> "West" Texas
> Zag
> Zagami
> This is only the beginning of my obsession with certain witnessed
> falls and hammers. I only collect recent falls that happened
> after I started collecting in late 2006. So, basically from
> Bassikounou forward is fair game. This is an arbitrary starting
> point, but it has meaning for me and gives me a firm boundary
> line to base my fall collection on. I am missing quite a few
> recent falls - mainly the hard to acquire ones like Cali, Berduc,
> Buzzard Coulee and others which are not legally on the market or
> are too rare/expensive for me to afford at the moment.
> As for my hammers - I have no conditions on collecting them. Any
> meteorite or fall that struck something is fair game and I want it.
> The more interesting the story behind a given hammer, the more
> interested I am in acquiring it. Claxton is awesome. Imagine
> how small a mailbox is. Even when considering there are millions
> of postal boxes around the world, what are the chances of a
> meteorite hitting one? To me, that is interesting. Peekskill
> is another great hammer - it creamed a Chevy Malibu. Of course,
> Peekskill may have been more interesting if it had struck an
> occupied vehicle, a police car, a hearse, or some other exceptional
> circumstance. But until that happens, a Chevy Malibu will suffice. ;)
> New Orleans? Very interesting. First, it struck a house, but
> it also tore a path of destruction through the house, destroying
> a desk. That makes it worth collecting. But even more interesting
> is the overlooked fact that New Orleans is the only visitor to
> New Orleans to visit the area and not come away drunk, drugged,
> tattooed or sans virginity. ;)
> Weston? Well, even if Thomas Jefferson had uttered the famous
> phrase he was misquoted for, the damn Yankee professors didn't lie.
> Anything that make a founding father look dense is worth collecting.
> I love Carancas - because it's a tease. I would love to have a
> fully-crusted, whole individual. But who wouldn't? It's like
> Tatahouine - you aren't getting any crust and you aren't getting
> a whole individual, no matter how much money you offer. You can't
> buy what doesn't exist, so Carancas and Tatahouine are the two
> teases of the meteorite world. But we love to be teased, so these
> two falls will always be favorites of mine. Did anyone ever
> find out what the so-called noxious fumes were that supposedly
> emanated from the Carancas crater?
> Murchison? Smelled like rotten eggs, contains a bumper crop of
> amino acids, and is an interesting carbonaceous type. It also fell
> on my wife's 8th birthday. So, it's a must have. We are fortunate
> that Murch happened before the Australians lost all good sense and
> got retarded about their meteorite laws.
> Allende! Who doesn't love Allende? If you don't love Allende,
> then you are a communist, a criminal, and you should be run out of
> town on a rail. Allende is Mexico's Murchison. And unlike
> Murchison, you don't have to mortgage your house to own a decent
> piece of Allende.
> Park Forest is also a favorite. It's not just a hammer, it's a
> multiple impactor. It's arguably one of the most prolific hammers.
> Park Forest beaned, struck, dented, and walloped a wide variety
> of targets.
> Well, that's some of my favorite hammers and falls. What are your's?
> Best regards and clear skies!
> MikeG
> PS - Everyone say hello to Mr. Michael Blood, who I know it reading
> this post! By putting "hammers" in the title, I have ensured
> Mr. Blood's attention and response. ;) LOL :)
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